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What are the best movies to watch with your children in 2017?

2017's 61 good movies: Chinese salesman

1. Chinese salesman -- 5.26 tells the story of Yan Jian (Li Dongxue), an ordinary Chinese technician, who went to Africa to develop business but was frequently blocked and framed by European and American competitors. After several twists and turns, he finally won dignity and dream orders by relying on his wisdom and courage.

Highlight: take the children to an action play, absolutely enjoyable~

A good movie recommendation in June 1, 2017: Dangkou Fengyun

2. Storming the enemy -- 5.27 the film is based on the story of Qi Jiguang (Zhao Wenzhuo), a national hero of China, and tells the heroic epic story of Qi Jiguang, a hero who fought against Japanese invaders in the Ming Dynasty, together with Qi's army.

Must see: with children to review the past, feel Zhao Wenzhuo version of Qi Jiguang's brilliant history of Anti Japanese!

The best movie in 2017: my father is king

3. My father is the king -- on May 27, there will be an ultimate confrontation between the king and the villain to protect his daughter. "Don't bully my father" tells the voice of Princess lily. Both the father and the child are brave to protect each other, which is also the theme of "my father is the king".

I have to watch: 'if my father doesn't accompany me, I will grow up'. The film wants to convey the theme of companionship. In the process of children's growth, love companionship is the best gift for them.