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When will tip of tongue 3 air? Which station is tongue tip 3 on

Yesterday, the documentary "China 3 on the tip of the tongue" held a press conference in Beijing, announcing that it will be broadcast from the beginning of the new year. For a lot of food, have you been looking forward to it for a long time? It's most suitable to watch it at home in the new year.

According to the official news, the third season of "China on the tip of the tongue" is 50 minutes each episode, with 8 episodes in total, one episode a day for 8 consecutive days.

The themes of 8 episodes of tip of the tongue 3 are: utensils, banquets, chefs, snacks, snacks, food and nutrition, fusion. The third season of "China on the tip of the tongue", which attracted the attention of netizens, was also announced, and will continue to be voiced by Li Lihong.

CCTV officially released the "tip of the tongue 3" general promotional film, the theme is' love is the best seasoning '.

According to reports, in addition to describing the etiquette, feeding, fusion, snacks, festivals and banquets of food, the 8-part documentary will also have a special set about cooking and food related appliances. In the words of Liu Hongyan, the general director, we want to make a picture of how the Chinese people are stuttering at the tip of the tongue in the third season. '

The film will be broadcast on CCTV-1 and CCTV-9 at 20:00 on February 19 (the fourth day of the first month), one episode a day; CCTV-2, CCTV-4 and CCTV-7 will follow up.

Director's original intention

The best taste is always in my hometown

Legal Evening News: tip of the tongue 3 has been preparing for three years. How was your mood when you took over the project?

Liu Hongyan: I think it's the ignorant who are fearless. I transferred from the news center to the record channel last April and took over the project when I arrived. It's only 10 months until the broadcast is full, and this cycle is very tense. At the beginning, I didn't fully estimate the difficulty of creation and other aspects, mainly because I felt that this brand is a very influential brand of CCTV after all, and someone needs to do it. In the course of 10 months, our whole team worked together, which made me deeply feel that: this brand is not something that several people can achieve, such a great influence, there are too many people behind it -- including us from the planning stage to the shooting stage, such as experts, shooting images, listening to CCTV's "tongue tip", all gave us great support and help. This is also a very important part of my personal growth process. I feel lucky now.

Legal Evening News: what is the innovation of the topic of "tip of the tongue 3"?

Liu Hongyan: the themes of our eight episodes, such as utensils, food, banquets and the integration of the last episode, have not been touched in the previous field, which should be some new topics. In fact, we have some internal thinking and logic to make such a structure. Everyone will say that China's food culture is broad and profound, but what is this broad and profound thing? Not only how it is cut, but how it is made, there must be something deeper behind it. We want to show how this food is made, and then we want to dig and show what's attached to it.

Legal Evening News: what are the criteria for this food selection?

Liu Hongyan: according to the theme of each episode, for example, the snack episode must be very grounded. From the beginning of the snack, it was positioned as one side of water and soil, one side of people, living elsewhere, and the best taste will always be in their hometown. Everyone thinks that the food in his hometown is snacks. You will never think of some big dishes and meals, because behind them are the inheritance of generations of families and the long-term relationship between the neighbors and generations.