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How many red envelopes do you give your girlfriend during the Spring Festival

New year's Day is not without red envelopes. It must be serious to send red envelopes to your girlfriend, but how much is suitable? Many male compatriots not only pay more money, but also the number is full of heart. Let's see the secret of red envelopes!

How many red envelopes are better for your girlfriend in 2018?

In fact, there is no exact answer to this question. If you say a thousand yuan package, it's a drop in the bucket for men who enter 30000 a month, but it's half a month's salary for men who enter 2000 a month, so Xiaobian thinks that the amount of red envelopes should be determined according to their own economic conditions.

If it is the post-80s and Post-70s or even more, then the new year must be a red envelope for girls, no matter how good the feelings of both sides are, and no matter how extraordinary the feelings of both sides are, it is a necessity. Now, the post-90s and post-00s may have a very clear view of this aspect, or even contradict this vulgar way. I remember a period when I interviewed a girl on the street. The girl's answer was amazing. She said that she used to be a god of men. Later, she felt like a loser in a flash after receiving a red envelope. So now, girls have changed a lot. Times are changing, and what girls want is not limited to red envelopes.

Many people are still using the meaning of amount figures to send red envelopes, such as 1314, 888. Today, Xiaobian will introduce a new red envelope code, which is the moss code.

Because each word of Sherlock Holmes code is four numbers after translation, for example, wechat sends a red packet with the amount of 10.15, which can be directly understood as the fifth word in the first line on page 10. Another example is 99.99. Someone must spray me at this time. 99.99 is the biggest one. Now a book is so thick and has so many words. 99.99 has already been limited. In fact, it's wrong to think about it. It can be extended on the basis of 99.99. Wechat single red packet goes online for 200 yuan, which can be extended to 199.99. There's nothing to say about such an extended number. In this case A wechat red packet can form a set of secret contact information.