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Why do you eat the Lantern Festival

Why do you eat the Lantern Festival

Four seas net: on the 15th day of the first lunar month, it is a custom since ancient times to eat the Lantern Festival. Do you know why the Lantern Festival eats the Lantern Festival? What is the origin of Lantern Festival? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

The origin of Lantern Festival

According to the records of folk customs and history books, the Lantern Festival began in the late Sui Dynasty. It is said that on the 15th day of the first month in 610 ad, Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty widely disguised the peace and showed off the prosperity of the people and the power of the country. He ordered to set up high-level theatrical sheds in Luoyang City and transferred them to all kinds of superior theatrical troupes in the country. From the 15th night, the Lantern Festival was full of talent, singing and dancing, and the string song was endless. For a while, the people who watch the lights, listen to the plays, do small business and make Luoyang City boil. It's said that at this time, the owner of a snack shop was out of his mind. He milled the glutinous rice into powder, wrapped it with sugar stuffing and made it into a ball. Then he cooked it, full and warm, which was very popular. In ancient times, the 15th day of the first month was called Shangyuan Festival and the night was called night, so the Lantern Festival got its name.

Experts say that the name of the food "Yuanxiao" is said to have appeared in the late Song Dynasty and the early Yuan Dynasty because people are used to eating it on the night of the last Yuan Festival. The night of Shangyuan is the first full moon night in the new year. It's the first full moon in a year. The sky is shining brightly with a round moon. People gather and eat the lantern festival like a full moon, which has a very delicate corresponding relationship with the natural sky. "Stars and moons burn in the sky, and two Yuanxiao on earth" expresses the happiness of family reunion.

The Lantern Festival is also called tangyuan. There are many other names in history, such as "face cocoon, pink fruit, Yuanbao, Tang cake, round without falling angle". It was not officially named "Yuanxiao" until the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty. Speaking of Tangyuan, there is another story in modern history. It is said that Yuan Shikai's claim to the throne was opposed by the whole country. His flatterers quoted "records of Baling county" and said that "yuanxiao, homophony and Yuanxiao are the words of curse". Yuan listened to his words and ordered that all "Yuanxiao" should be named tangyuan. But the legend has never been based on words. After the collapse of Yuan Shikai, the name of "Yuanxiao" was restored in most areas.

Now, Yuanxiao is called "Tangyuan", "Yuanzi", "Shuiyuan", "Tangwan", "fuyuanzi" and "lactose Yuanzi". Its name is "Yuanbao". It is made of glutinous rice, solid or filled. Fillings include bean paste, sugar, hawthorn, etc., which can be boiled, fried, steamed or fried. Most of the northern Lantern Festival is filled with sweet stuffing, such as white sugar, bean paste, sesame, hawthorn, etc., while the southern ones are filled with sweet, salty, meat and vegetable.