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What is the reason for acne on your body? How does long acne eliminate quickly?

What is the cause of acne on : excessive oil secretion

We all know that the skin of human body secretes oil by itself, so it will feel greasy for a long time. At this time, if people take too little bath or not clean enough when taking a bath, the grease will block the pores. In addition, the sebaceous glands continue to secrete, and the sebum will accumulate in the pores, protrude and become acne.

What to do: people with too much oil should use cleaning products for bathing, especially the back must be well brushed. It is recommended to use sulfur soap to bathe, especially on the back, because it contains sulfur, which can produce hydrogen sulfide and pentachlorosulfonic acid when bathing, with bactericidal effect and very obvious effect on acne on the body.

Note: after taking a bath, sulfur soap must be applied with skin cream to moisturize the skin.

What is the cause of acne on the body: imbalance of hormone secretion in the body

When the hormone secretion of human body is unbalanced, the skin will grow acne, which is generally believed to only grow on the face, in fact, it is not, and acne will also appear on the body.

What to do: the imbalance of endocrine hormone secretion is related to many aspects. It's very important to form good living habits in order to prevent this situation. We must keep enough sleep, massage the chest, spine and armpit more, do more aerobic exercise, and eat less fast food and other high-fat food.

What's the reason for acne: improper diet

Often eat fried, spicy, such as food, easy to cause the rise of internal fire in the body, leading to lung heat, or some parts of the body, such as the blood circulation on the back of the obstacles, resulting in acne.

What to do: the daily diet should be light, eat more vegetables, fruits and vegetables, accelerate the metabolism of the body, so as to promote the ability of cell detoxification and reduce acne on the body.