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Yu wenle apologizes for chaopai. What is the name of chaopai under Yu wenle?

According to several netizens, Yu wenle's brand madness official website has classified Hong Kong and Macao into the country in terms of the choice of purchase area. The screenshot of the official website is shown above. You can also see that the official website has incorporated 'Taiwan' into overseas regions. Yu wenle apologizes for the incident. What's the name of the tide brand he created? Follow Xiaobian to have a look.

After the incident was exposed by netizens, chaopai website updated the text content in time, and the text changed from 'most countries around the world' to 'most regions around the world'.

Last night, Yu wenle apologized on Weibo. In the article, I said that I was not able to supervise the company's brand, so I had such a big misunderstanding. It's up to hellip & hellip; to apologize to those who care about me again, yunyun. However, it seems that microblog users don't buy the account. Many of them leave a message with enthusiasm: "no punishment", "no Chinese."

what's the name of Yu wenle Chao brand?

Yu wenle has its own brand: CMSs.

The full name of CMSs is common sense, which translates into ordinary feeling. In fact, it is the synonym of street trend.

CMSs is Yu wenle's personal fashion brand, which includes jeans, jackets and many other clothing products. The purpose of Yu wenle's creation of the brand is to share with you the fashion things. The fashion things he likes and the fashion things he thinks are very good will be recommended to you in CMS. In the design of CMSs, Yu wenle integrates these fashionable elements into the products of CMSs.

CMSs has cooperated with Luke by neighborood, a Japanese fashion brand, to launch jeans and other fashion products.

In addition, Yu wenle has also cooperated with Levis and the war wolf family from Fujian Province and other brands in the fashion circle to endorse their clothing products.