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Summary of the most complete schedule of the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games which Chinese proje

For those who like sports, Pingchang Winter Olympic Games must not be missed. Will you catch up? The good news is that the time difference between Pingchang and Beijing is only one hour. You don't have to stay up late to watch the game!

But what are the most exciting and noteworthy events? Xiaoxin has sorted out all the competitions that China national team will participate in and all the medals will be generated in the Winter Olympic Games, and also intimately marked the Beijing time. Now set the alarm, and wait for the competition!

Xiaoxin reminds:

The following time is Beijing time, which may fluctuate slightly!

Of course, get schedule is just the first step. Of course, we are most concerned about the performance of 'our own' Chinese team! What are the key events of the Chinese team in this winter Olympic Games? Xiaoxin has sorted them out!

Short track speed skating

China's strength in short track speed skating, I don't believe Xiao Xinduo said. In many short track speed skating events, the most powerful women's 500 meters, the Chinese team has completed four consecutive championships. Therefore, this year's short track speed skating, every final, is worth paying attention to!

Aerial skills of Freestyle Skiing

The first Winter Olympic gold medal of the Chinese team in snow sports comes from freestyle skiing aerial skills. But it is worth mentioning that Xu Mengtao is only one winter Olympic gold medal short of his career Grand Slam.

U-shaped pool for snowboarding

Another breakthrough point of Chinese team's snow sports comes from the U-shaped pool project of snowboarding. Liu Jiayu is the fourth winner of Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, and Cai Xuetong is the sixth winner of Sochi Winter Olympic Games. It's worth looking forward to!

Figure skating

At the end of this winter Olympic Games is another gold medal team of the Chinese Winter Olympic delegation. Attention! The head coach of this team is Zhao Hongbo, the former gold medal winner of Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. He and Shen Xue's classic performance "Turandot" will also "return to the Jianghu" 16 years later. Let's see if Zhao Hongbo's disciples can come out of the blue!