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New year's most gripping question summary seven aunts and eight aunts can you parry it?

When I was a child, I really enjoyed the Spring Festival, good food and drink, as well as the money for new year's Eve. But when I grew up, you found that the Spring Festival was the most heartbreaking time, and the seven great aunts and eight great aunts were eager to ask me many times. So how do you respond to these heartbreaking questions?

Which one of the top 10 'heart gripping' things a mother has encountered during the Spring Festival?

Since we got married and had children, we really love and hate Chinese new year, although we can spend the Chinese New Year with our children, reunite with our families and have a great sense of happiness.

But at the thought of a big Poza worry to face in the new year, all kinds of heart plug and tear, the mood immediately became bad.

Let's take a look at the top ten 'heart binding' stories a few years ago. Which ones also made you heart binding?

I: go to my mother's or my mother's

Many mothers complain that they want to stay in their mother-in-law's house for the Spring Festival for various reasons, such as being pregnant and having a small child. When the child grows up and wants to go back to his mother's house for the Spring Festival, he has to argue with his father-in-law about who is going to celebrate the Spring Festival?

Two: the birth of a second child

When I was not married before, I was urged to marry;

After you get married and have a baby, you are urged to have a second child. It's useless to reason with them. Anyway, they can't listen to what you say. It's impolite to tear and force. They don't want to tear and force.

Three: a lot of lucky money

When do you want to have a second child most? That's when you give money for new year's Eve. I really want to have a football team, otherwise, how can I get back the money for new year's Eve. There are two or three children in the family, one of them is themselves. They are both heartache and flesh ache.

Four: deal with all kinds of people who like to play tricks on children

I have to be busy every day to deal with all kinds of people who like to play tricks on children, especially those who like to kiss children, pinch their faces, call their children to perform and laugh when they see their children crying. I wish I could draw a circle to curse them.

5. Hoarding New Year's goods

It's almost new year's day. It's necessary to buy new clothes, new shoes, milk powder, diapers, all kinds of snacks. We have to store new year's products at home. We need to add some new clothes and shoes for ourselves and our husband. All of them are money. Once we buy them back before liberation.

Six: make a pile of happy wine, make a red envelope and be human

At the end of the year, there were a lot of engagement wine, wedding wine, full moon wine and joining wine. Seeing these red bombs bombing in turn, the whole person shivered. Even if no one arrived, the ceremony would arrive, and the wallet could not be pressed. No way. People are wandering in the Jianghu. How can they not get hurt?

7. Various parties and competitions

Classmate party, girlfriends party, relatives party. All kinds of comparison, car comparison, house comparison, house comparison, children comparison, income comparison, year-end bonus, unit welfare, annual leave days. You don't have the face to see people if you don't mix up your achievements!

Valentine's day before New Year's Eve

Before time to bask in the family's blessings, I was shown the rhythm of screen painting by my friends. Fancy gift drying and red package drying, one more surprise than one program, one more expensive than one gift, one bigger than one red package, the more you look at it, the more heart-felt.

Nine: middle aged girl with great pressure

Since I became a mother, I've stayed up late and got up early. I usually don't think so. It's a big pressure on new year. The person who is most afraid of eating more than you is thinner than you. People who are older than you look younger than you. The person who is not as good as you in appearance and stature is more decent than you.

Ten: making new year's Eve dinner and washing bowls

It was supposed to be the happiest day of the year, but it was the most tiring day for many mothers. A person is responsible for buying vegetables, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, frying a new year's Eve meal with the most vegetables in the whole year, and brushing the most bowls in the whole year. It's hard and tired.