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6 kinds of situations indicate that the husband has cheated?

1 physiological expression of man after adultery: Aesthetic Change

Once a man's aesthetic preferences have changed, there is likely to be a third party.

If you find that the trinkets he carries with him have changed, you need to pay attention to whether your man has cheated.

2. Physiological performance of men after derailment: frequently polish shoes to shininess

If a man suddenly changes his shoes, and the shoes he didn't remember to wipe are often polished recently, this psychological change will remind him.

From the psychological point of view, shoes and the habit of wearing shoes can show a man's character, and its symbolic significance not only involves the shoes themselves, but also involves the behavior of buying shoes.

For men, shoes more symbolize marriage, especially the degree of marriage stability. If he starts to change his shoes abnormally, at least it shows that he is eager for new possibilities.

3. Physical performance of men after derailment: pay more attention to physical details

Even a man who is steady and generous in his work has carelessness in his life, especially his attention to details is worse than that of a woman.

If you find your man recently, when you pay attention to things that you don't usually care about, such as underwear styles and socks, or when you start to frequently cut your toenails, pay attention to oral hygiene, and clean your teeth, almost 100% of the changes in this area may be related to new love. People are lazy, especially if men appear these, they generally want to please other women.

4. Physiological performance of men after derailment: extremely busy

When a man goes off the rails, he may become very busy. He needs to work overtime today or socialize tomorrow. Even the day after tomorrow, he is full of meetings and studies.

You find that the time that once belonged to you has been erased from the calendar by his busyness. It doesn't matter whether he is really busy or not. What's important is that he will never be busy around you again.

5. Physiological performance after man's derailment: become sensitive to fashion landmarks

In the early days of love, men are more simple. When they first date "junior three", in order to please each other, they will pay attention to the information media.

There are free information magazines at home, or inadvertently revealed where there are new restaurants and so on. If the time when those things appear is not equal to the time when you travel together, obviously, they have other uses.

Physical performance of a man after cheating: always tired with you

If your man becomes more and more sleepy at home? When you want to talk to him, he tells you that he is tired.

When you want to make out with him, he says another day. For him after the derailment, home is just a place to sleep.