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Where can I buy a Mochi drink? How much is a bottle

Over the years, the retro style prevailed. The food and clothes of the post-80s and post-90s came back to everyone's vision again. These two days, when I was a child in the 1980s, the Mochi drink came back again, which aroused the memory of all the students. Many students asked me where I could buy it. Then I will introduce it to you today.

Where can I buy a Mochi drink?

It is reported that at present, Mochi drinks can be purchased in the online shop of Youxian every day.

In most people's taste memory, it's mainly mom's specialty dishes. For a generation, the taste memory they share is the snacks of that era, which is the main factor that nostalgic food has become popular. And businesses will restore the production of nostalgic food, according to the original formula, packaging, and re launch to the market, playing the "emotion card" to arouse the taste memory, also want to take the opportunity to stimulate consumption, relying on the "selling emotion" to make a lot of money. The same is true for Mochi drinks.

Where can I get a morge drink?

Friends who want to buy a Mochi drink can buy it online at the daily premium.

It's not only Mochi drinks, such as Arctic soda, Mochi peach juice, Mimi shrimp, wowojiajia milk sugar, white rabbit milk sugar, fenhuang snow plum, Tiaotao sugar, and Melissa. They are all popular snack drinks. In the era when there are not many snack brands and varieties, they have to occupy children's pockets and minds and become indelible taste memories. Nowadays, with the Post-70s and post-80s growing up to be the mainstay of the society, their consumption ability is the strongest, and their consumption habits have become the mainstream of the society, thus affecting the business model. The return of nostalgic food, in fact, is to give them a dose of childhood memories for their taste memory.

What's the price of peach juice?

At present, the price of peach juice is 69. The price is relatively high.

However, after all, the peach juice of Mochi is only selling the "feeling card". After a wave of memories killing upsurge, the nostalgic and taster will get psychological satisfaction, which will no longer be rare. This will quickly cool down and return to the point of no one's attention, such as Arctic Ocean bag drenching and Daoxiang Village fried meat kebab. This result is not surprising. Most of the nostalgic food is eliminated by the market. Influenced by the aging of taste, brand, packaging and marketing means, it gradually loses its competitiveness and gradually exits the market under the pressure of other new products.