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How did the ancients spend the Spring Festival? I don't need archaeology to read these verses about

In a few days, it will be the biggest traditional festival of Spring Festival in China, but now people don't seem to have much enthusiasm for the Spring Festival. Maybe they will play with mobile phones and watch TV for a few days before they are ready to go to work. At this time, they can't help wondering how the ancients spent the Spring Festival. As for the specific appearance of the ancient people's Spring Festival, we can't verify it now, but the poems written by the ancient people during the Spring Festival should reflect people's feelings at that time.

In the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze warms Tu su. --Wang Anshi's the first day

The sea is full of days and nights, and the spring of the river is coming into the old year. --Wang Wan, the second time under Beigu mountain

Thousands of families will always exchange the new peach for the old one. --Wang Anshi's the first day

Hometown tonight, think of thousands of miles, frost Temple Ming Dynasty another year. --Gao Shi's new year's work

I don't want to meet you, but I want to meet you. --New year's greetings by Wen Zhengming

When it comes to the relationship, it's empty. I miss you all night. --The great night

On the first night of this year, the moon and the lamp remain the same. --Ouyang Xiu's birth and inspection of children & middot; new year's Eve

Yingti and Yanyu report the new year, thousands of Mayi longdui road. --Spring thoughts by Huangfu ran

A year drips the lotus. --Mao Pang's the first day of his life

Children do not sleep. They watch each other at night. --Sushi's Shou Sui

Spring is full of old mountains and rivers. --Ye Kai's "already you Xinzheng"