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Wechat blessing words for the latest Spring Festival in 2018

Wechat blessing words for the latest Spring Festival in 2018 the Spring Festival is coming. In addition to visiting relatives and friends, most of our friends will send their wechat blessings through wechat. If you are not good at expressing them in words, here are some of the latest blessings for the 2018 new year. I hope they can help you.

1. The new year is coming. In view of your good performance in 2018, fortune will continue to visit you, and good luck will flow to you continuously. Luck will come to you frequently. If you forward this wechat to your friends, happiness will follow you all your life!

2. Thousands of miles and thousands of miles of snowflakes float, and families set off firecrackers. Get rid of filth and trouble, clean the earth for the new year. Happy and happy stay in the world, auspicious words full of spring couplets. Have a happy New Year's Eve dinner together, and raise a glass to celebrate the new year. Happy New Year!

3. New year, hope of heart, new beginning, harvest of heart, new starting point, happiness of heart. Wish you happiness and wealth forever, happy New Year!

4. This year's new year's gift is not given. Send a message to you via wechat. You will be healthy and happy for a long time. Happiness is attached to you. I also want to tell you that the God of wealth has set eyes on you.

5. New Year's new trees and new wind, spring is everywhere. Fast horse whip happiness Road, happy to see the harmony of five continents. On New Year's Eve, everything comes true. If the song is sung in a prosperous age, it means a long time to listen together.

6. It's true that it's light, it's good that it's safe, and it's often true that it's peaceful. Ordinary people do ordinary things, ordinary people live ordinary life. Laugh in the ordinary, music in the ordinary. Auspicious year of the dog!

7. Happy new year, everything is good! When the Spring Festival comes, wechat comes, my best wishes come first! Wish you happiness to wealth to sweetness, affection, friendship and love to God. Happy New Year of the dog.

8. My friend, I use love to spin cloth and weave colorful blessings for you: May your work and life be as red as you like, thinking of things as orange, roads open, career successful and more brilliant as yellow, life as love spinning green, health and longevity forever

9. In the year of the dog, I wish you a prosperous career, intimate lovers, thousands of salaries, boundless happiness, boundless worries, and more freedom than immortals!

10. This moment! With my deepest thoughts, let yun'er bring my blessing, embellish your sweet dream, and wish you a happy dog year!!

11. On the first day of the new year, I climbed to the top of Guangzhou tower, held my hands up obliquely and turned the hula hoop. Please guess the name of an animal according to the shape. Sheep? Ha ha, you're wrong. It's a fat dog for new year. Happy year of the dog!

12. In the new year, I wish you a bright start, a red cheek ushers in a red love, a red Festival warms your heart, a red face, and a bright future.

13. I wish you a happy new year. I'm busy counting banknotes in the new year. I can't spend banknotes every year. It seems like snowflakes are floating all over the sky. --Happy New Year!

14. I wish you every success in your work, every day of your journey, every step of your promotion and every dollar of your money! I wish you health and happiness throughout your life!

15. Happy satellite tracking you, happy missile aiming at you, wealth wall pointing at you, blessing bullets to encircle you, happy new year to you: auspicious year of the dog!

16. When you are lonely, think of accompanying you, when you are sad, think of comforting you, in despair, give you a pair of helping hands, when you are happy, give you a hug, and wish you happiness every moment.

17. The zero hour bell rings all over the world, and the new year's train leaves on time. It carries to an unforgettable time, ushered in once again red time. Wish you a happy New Year! Happy new year, happy New Year!

18. Do you want or do not want to, the year of the dog will pass you want or do not want to experience, the new year of the dog will come you believe or not, our life will be better and better wish you a good mood to live in the year of the dog!

19. The new year is coming again. I'd like to say hello to you. The office is in good order, the life is getting better and better. The longer it grows, the more beautiful it is. Gold comes out of the house, and money grows on the wall.

20. New Year's day, new year's day and fortune! Happy new year, everything goes well and everything goes well!

21. New Year's new year's greetings: one to the family; two to the difficulties; three to the troubles; four to the old; five to the filial piety of the children; six to the happiness; seven to the sorrow; eight to the high income; nine to the safety shield; ten to the joy. Happy Spring Festival!

22. Touch the dog's back, double happiness; stroke the dog's beard, long life and happiness; touch the dog's corner, boundless luck; learn to bark, good mood; pat the dog's head, good luck comes first; send the dog happiness, sincere. I wish you a happy year of the dog!

23. You will be lucky in the New Year! The boss values you, relatives and friends take care of you, money favors you, the opposite sex admires you, your temper is up to you, and beautiful things think of you!

24. The year of the dog is a love that never changes. It is dedicated to thousands of blessings. It is a warm greeting for the missing lover. No matter how far away we are, caring for you will never change. Good new year to you!

25. All kinds of dogs are happy, happy, safe and happy. All kinds of dogs report for Spring Festival. Good luck to you!

26. Yinyang's happy New Year brings many happy things to the golden dog. Work together for development and strive to be the first. Happy New Year's reunion, happy family and friends.

27. The sound of firecrackers is like waking up from a dream. I wish you a happy and harmonious life. The longer the tree of knowledge grows, the denser the house of wealth accumulates. The auspicious year of the dog!

28. I wish you a clear sky in the new year, a happy heart, free to drift with the wind, a healthy body, full of enthusiasm and success in your dream!

29. I wish you a happy New Year: beautiful flowers, romantic cherry blossoms, auspicious snowflakes, lucky peach blossoms, rich peonies, fragrant jasmine climbing!

30. The wind brings warmth to the world, the spring brings vitality to the earth, the spring rain brings new green to the mountains and forests, the spring tide brings splendor to the ocean, the spring flowers bring gorgeous nature, the spring leads the four seasons of the world, and the Spring Festival is your new beginning!

31. Blessing is a true heart, not an expression of thousands of words. A song of heart, I wish you peace and all the best!

32. Today is the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Although you are there, I still remember you in my heart! At this cold moment, may my blessing warm your hand and reach your heart. Happy New Year!

33. I want to warm you with sunshine, decorate you with starlight, intoxicate you with good wine, satisfy you with delicious food, and submerge you with happiness. But I have not been God for many years, so I can only use wechat to wish you a happy New Year!

34. Unknowingly, in the new year, wechat will send you blessings. Happiness is boundless. You can choose good luck and good luck. Life is beautiful and career is sweet. Good luck lasts forever. Friendship lasts forever. You and I bless each other in our hearts!

35. After a year of baptism, new year's Eve is coming again. This moment is a time for happy sharing; a time for missing friends; a time for blessing and caring; a time for hope and dreams to come true & hellip; happy Spring Festival!

36. Life is like a journey, stop and go, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery better; life is like morning and night, rise and fall, you can taste happiness better. Spring Festival is coming. Have a rest and have a happy year of dog!

37. You are very creative, living is your courage, ugliness is not your intention, but God has a little temper, you have to live bravely, if not you, who can set off the beauty of the world.

38. When the morning dawns, happiness is around you; when the sun shines brightly at noon, smile is in your heart; when the sun sets in the evening, happiness follows you all day. Friends who care about you are wishing you a happy year of the dog from morning to night.

39. I will send you a delicious food for the Spring Festival. The main ingredients are: sincerity, missing and happiness; special nutrition: warmth and happiness; manufacturer: your friend; validity: life. I wish you all the best and a happy family!

40. Finger tip key, wechat transmission. Spring Festival is coming. Best wishes. The body is healthy and healthy. Wealth is rolling and wealth is falling. Good luck, good luck, happy company. I wish you a happy day.

41. A heavy year is about to pass and a new year is coming. I wish you a new year, a new spring, a new climate, a new harvest, a new achievement, a new pace, a new road, a new addition, a happy day and success.

42. My missing is accompanied by spring, summer, autumn and winter. If your curtains are fluttering gently, it is the wind that I wish you my best wishes softly. I wish you a good mood!

43. What we can't let go is our concern for you. What we can't forget is our blessing for you. In the happy day of Spring Festival, I will definitely send you a simple and sincere blessing. I wish you all the best!

44. 2018 happiness index: happiness should not be tired, good luck should always be with you, health should be with you day and night, money should be rolling, and friends are everywhere. In 20XX, I wish you to obey the command, life is the most perfect! Happy New Year!

45. I saw so many greetings and blessings from others. On the second day of the new year, I bring Yugou to send you my unique greetings. Wish you a happy New Year of the dog!

46. Good Spring Festival, wish my baby: good health, all the best, a happy life, full of pearls and jade, long life and rich, rich, invincible, invincible! Happy Spring Festival!

47. Don't be real when you are in trouble. Discard unhappiness and try to smile. It's not good. Pour out the bitter water. Happy life, youth never old. Wish you a good mood every day!

48. The old calendar is broken down by the vicissitudes of life. The new year is coming quietly. Looking back on the thrilling feeling, I hope for a new glory. 12 years of waiting, golden dog brings the wish of national security!

49. Good new year, good things are coming! Friends smile, happy spirit around you! Happy festival, life is happy and happy! Happy spirit! Happy spirit! Life is safe and happy!

50. I hope that your mood will change with each passing day in the new year, your happiness will be like sugar and honey, your friendship will be valued, your lover will never leave, your work will be reported frequently, and everything will be satisfactory!

51. Happy today! Happy tomorrow! Happy this year! Happy next year! Happy every day! Happy every year!!!!

52. After going through mountains and rivers, through ups and downs, we still need to find. Life is busy, more or less we get, less or less we lose. What's important is to be happy! Happy Spring Festival!

53. When the Lunar New Year comes, I want to ask you a good question. I'm in good health and in a good mood. Good luck makes me feel better every day. Finally, I wish you and your family: good luck in the year of the dog!

54. The longer 2018 wine is, the more mellow it is, the longer friends meet, the more true it is; the clearer the water is, the lighter the vicissitudes of life are. Happy New Year's Eve, always in a good mood!

55. The year of the dog has the meaning of auspiciousness, good luck, wealth and well-being. In order to achieve the year of the dog, we should strive hard and pursue the good. May the year of the dog be the year of the dog. Let's enjoy the dog's happiness by drinking foreign wine. Let's take the sail of life and go to the dog pass.

56. When you see this message, luck has come to you, the God of wealth has entered your home, and the splendor is not far from you. Wish you a happy New Year!

57. We are happy to welcome the year of the dog, the year of peace, the year of prosperity, the year of success, the year of happiness and health!

58. Send you a happiness, let you forget your troubles; send you a leisure, let you at ease; send you a wishful, let you everything go smoothly; send you a happiness, let you happy to the old. Spring Festival is coming, I wish you a happy and wonderful!

59. Kiss, new year oh, kiss, new year my best hope is to see you safe, healthy and happy