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What kind of stem is old tie? Tie the old fellow iron expression Bao Daquan

what does the old fellow mean?

Explanation of words:

Old iron: if this person is not 'iron', then the old iron 'in general is the nickname for the old fellow in the northern dialect, similar deformation name and the title of' iron son ',' iron old fellow 'and so on. It means the relationship is close, reliable and trustworthy, that is, the meaning of dying the party, friends and brothers. The old fellow who plays well on the fast track, the brothers, and the gold master who brushes gifts, can be called "old iron" if they are popular with the iron powder and watch the busy tourists. This is almost half the joke of old iron.

In the north, there is another meaning of old iron, that is, the relationship between the old fellow and the old fellow. There is no word "Xiao San", but also the words of Xiaomi's mistresses.

Stabbing the heart: it's also a dialect expression. The main meaning is that you've lost your heart, scolded people and hurt them. It may be that something is very touching for you, which causes you to change the emotional elements of moving or sadness. It is called "heart binding".

Old iron, heart tied: the general meaning is gone, brother. It can also be understood as pain, man. This sentence is mainly accompanied by swearing or complaining.

The old fellow has been using the Internet.

A single dog must accompany a good friend to pick up a Valentine's gift from a girlfriend. Indeed, old fellow is tied up.

But I didn't know how to go out for a few days every week, but I went to shoot today, but I didn't know how to learn. I said, old fellow iron, I'm the captain of the basketball team. My heart's broken, old fellow.

--I took a comprehensive look at my rising sun sign and Aquarius. I passed out with a whine. My heart's broken, old fellow.

Why do I need to watch the old diary at night, and listen to sad love songs, and tie up the old fellow.

Go to the brother-in-law to do the job and take care of the hairy hair. The first thing I saw was that the old fellow was overweight. I think at least ten pounds.

--Today's most amusing thing is to see a keyboard man who is messing around in the comments, but the head portrait reads "guard against villains" on the head portrait pendant. Old fellow, do you want to kill yourself?