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2018 what are the latest five blessing gestures of Alipay five ways in the Spring Festival? Get

In these two days, many little friends have gathered five blessings and only wait for new year's Eve to share 500 million red envelopes. So there are many friends who haven't collected enough five FU cards, so you need to take a look at the following operations, because this year's newly added five FU gesture collection of Fu cards, I wonder if you have got it?

2018 Alipay's dedication / patriotism / friendliness / prosperity / harmony / fukal get the strategy:

1. From Feb. 6 to Feb. 15, scan the Fuzi to get the fuka. Any of the five random fuka will be repeated. Up to 2 per day

2. Water the ant forest and get a free card at random. Only one?

3. Ant manor collects golden eggs and randomly gets a lucky card, only one.

4. When the five blessings are in a special position, you can also get a card by AR scanning.

5. Friends present to each other.

Players can give each other extra blessing cards to help their friends gather five blessing cards.

2018 the total cash bonus of Alipay during the Spring Festival is 500 million yuan, and the maximum amount of red envelopes can reach 666 yuan.

2018 Alipay five blessing gesture how to do?

Five blessings gesture: in fact, it's just to raise your hand and open all five fingers. It's a comparison.

Alipay five blessing gesture: