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Young friends block parents, OK? Will you do that

Now more and more parents join in the use of wechat, so the problem is that the stories of friends' circle chicken soup and health preservation sent by parents are really helpless, while the friends' circle sent by young people has been tested by generation gap. So many people, shielding their parents, what do you think about this?

Now there are many parents who have learned to use wechat. In fact, they mainly want to communicate with their children through wechat. They often forward various chicken soup, health preservation jokes and so on, which are really unbearable to us young people, and we don't want to show our own situation to our parents, so the circle of friends blocks their parents.

Young friends block parents, OK?

Some people think it's a very filial behavior to shield their parents from the circle of friends. Others think it's to avoid some chicken soup jokes. Recently, the survey shows that 52% of young people's circle of friends shield their parents... Some worry about their parents' urging marriage, some don't worry about their happiness, and some think their life can't be understood by their parents. Many parents said they pretended not to know, understood but lost, and their children would be happy. What do you think of this?

Do you think that's right?

I've never blocked my parents. They often praise and comment on me. They often say that my selfie is too ugly. I never block my parents, but I have the same circle of friends as my brother. My parents always praise my brother, not me.

It's not blocked. It's open to parents at the beginning. There are many things in school. They can know in time when they deal with anything. They can get along with anyone and sometimes give me advice and experience.

The biggest sorrow of people is that they take the materials provided by their parents, learn the knowledge they don't understand, see the world they haven't seen, experience the life they haven't experienced, but in the end, they despise them as clumsy. Without hunger and cold, my parents did not owe me; without progress, how can I treat my parents.

I made a group. I had to decide which one was visible to them and which one was invisible. At the beginning, I didn't block it. I got angry and said that I should not eat well and play with my cell phone every day. A cold, said that I do not eat well, also blame me for playing mobile phone, later blocked, also asked me how not hair.