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At the moment when the most wonderful penalty ball in history went out of bounds, ebervin stretched

On the football field, there are a variety of ways to be called penalty kicks. In a German League match this morning, Bochum's penalty is probably the most wonderful. Before the ball was completely out of bounds, the other warm-up player parked the ball back in the field, so Bohong got a penalty.

In the 11th round of German B, Bochum played away against Kiel Holstein. In the 9th minute, South Korean player Li Zaicheng broke the deadlock for the home team, and he scored from close range.

In the 38th minute, a wonderful penalty appeared. Bochum player gangwula shot hard and low with his right foot, and the ball was far away from the goal. At the moment when the ball was about to completely come out of the bottom line, Eberwein, the home team player in the warm-up, stretched out his foot and stopped the ball back in the field.

Eberwein made a big mistake because of this subconscious move. The referee confirmed after watching the VaR that the ball was not completely out of bounds at that time. According to the rules, players who enter the field without the permission of the referee will be sentenced to a direct free kick if they interfere with the game. Because Eberwein touched the ball in the penalty area, he was sentenced to a penalty. Eberwein was warned by a yellow card and gonvola scored a penalty to equalize the score.

Kiel horstein also received a penalty in stoppage time in the first half. Sierra's left foot pushed into the lower left corner of the goal. Bochum goalkeeper Riemann reacted quickly and saved the ball. However, Serra made atonement in the 52nd minute. After receiving a cross from ozjan's left road, Serra shot with his left foot in front of the door, and Kiel Holstein won 2-1 in the end.