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Check the methods of physical fever reduction

1 cold compress method

Specific method: apply the cold towel on the forehead, and reapply it after the towel is hot and then soaked in cold water. Cold water bag or ice bag can also be used to compress the forehead better than cold towel. Pour cold water into the hot water bag or put the crushed ice into it, put a layer of cloth on it and then put it under your head. The small ice bag can be placed at the root of your armpit.

Note: when using cold compress method, check whether the ice bag leaks water, and change the cold water in the bag regularly in the process.

Take a bath with warm water

If you are in a good state of mind when you have a fever, you can help cool down by washing warm water.

Note: the water temperature should be adjusted at 27-37 ℃. Because too high water temperature will cause systemic vasodilation and increase oxygen consumption, it is easy to lead to ischemia and hypoxia, aggravating the disease; and too low water temperature may aggravate the disease due to cold.

3 35% alcohol bath

Alcohol can dilate blood vessels, take away a lot of heat when evaporation, and help children cool down when they have a fever.

Specific methods: prepare 100 ml of 75% alcohol, warm water, keep the temperature at 27-37 ℃, do not supercooling, otherwise it will cause muscle contraction, causing the heat to rise again. When rubbing with alcohol, use a small towel to wipe the baby's neck, from top to bottom, in the way of patting. At the armpit and groin, the large arteries and blood vessels on the body surface should be rubbed until the skin is slightly red, which is conducive to cooling.

Note: do not rub the baby's chest, abdomen and sole of feet to avoid adverse reactions.

Hot water feet

Feet can promote blood circulation, relieve discomfort, and help cool down.

Specific method: the feet can be soaked in a full basin or a small bucket, and 2 / 3 of the basin water can be poured in. The water temperature should be slightly higher than usual, and the temperature should be about 40 ℃, with the baby being able to adapt as the standard. When soaking feet, the mother stroked the baby's two little feet, which not only expanded the blood vessels, but also reduced the discomfort caused by fever.

More than 5 drink water

Fever is a process in which the body consumes water. Drinking more water during fever can speed up perspiration and urination, promote the discharge of toxins and metabolic wastes in the body, and help the patient recover as soon as possible.

Note: 1. When drinking water, a small amount of warm boiled water should be fed for many times, or an appropriate amount of oral rehydration salt should be given to make the body sweat or urinate to help cool down, and avoid dehydration at the same time.

2. Bottled fruit juice, fruit milk and other sugar content are high and osmotic pressure is high, which will increase the burden on children's gastrointestinal tract. It is not recommended to drink them Precautions for physical cooling

1. No matter which cooling method is adopted, it is recommended to put a hot water bag on the sole of the foot, which is conducive to reducing congestion of brain tissue, promoting heat dissipation and increasing comfort. Physical cooling is not suitable for cold sensitive patients and heart patients. You can use warm water to wipe the bath.

2. It is forbidden to use alcohol to wipe bath in case of skin rash or subcutaneous bleeding spot, or skin damage. It is forbidden to use alcohol to wipe in case of leukemia, so as to avoid aggravation of bleeding.

3. The body temperature shall be measured 30 minutes after physical cooling, and the changes of breath, pulse and mind of the patient shall be observed at all times.

4. Pay attention to frequently replace parts when cooling ice to avoid frostbite.

5. When cooling down physically, avoid wiping the patient's occipital back, auricle, precordial area, abdomen, scrotum and plantar area to prevent adverse reactions.

6. For patients with high fever, chills or sweating, it is generally not suitable to use alcohol to wipe bath. Because the skin capillaries are in contraction state when shivering, less heat dissipation. If cold alcohol is used to stimulate, the blood vessels will contract more, the blood flow of the skin will be reduced, thus hindering the heat emission in the body.

7. In the process of physical cooling, the skin cools faster, which is easy to cause vasoconstriction. Therefore, it is necessary to massage the trunk of the patient to promote blood circulation and heat dissipation.

8. Alcohol bath should avoid chest and abdomen, so as to prevent internal organs from congestion, discomfort or other diseases.