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Why do more and more people eat bird's nest? The truth is that!

Bird's nest has been regarded as the best nourishing food since ancient times. In ancient times, it was only eaten by the Imperial Palace and rich people. Xiaobian found that more and more people are eating bird's nest in recent years. It's not only that our living standard has improved, but also what's the reason? Let's learn with Xiaobian today.

First of all, let's talk about history. China is a country of etiquette, and etiquette is an important part of interpersonal communication. Chinese people pay attention to decency and practicality. Nowadays, healthy gift giving is being highly praised. It has become a common understanding that giving gifts for nutrition and health.

In fact, modern people are not short of food, clothing and health. So ordinary gifts are hard to please. It is said that gifts should be 'healthy and dignified', so tonics are the best choice: they will not be left in the corner of the wardrobe 'left out', and the whole family can eat and avoid waste. Bird's nest is a tonic for men, women, old and young. Because of its natural purity, profound cultural heritage, high grade, high grade, high status, and appropriate price, it has been gradually recognized and accepted by people, and bird's nest consumption has become a new hot topic.

Let's take a look at the effect of bird's nest on different groups of people:

[children] benefit brain development and enhance immune ability

The spleen and stomach of newborn babies are weak and prone to diarrhea or loss of appetite. The bird's nest can be stewed with water and simmered into water, which can be used to boil milk for babies to drink. From six months on, the bird's nest water can also be used to mix rice paste (i.e. baby rice flour) and feed the babies with smooth bird's nest mixed porridge after stewing, so as to regulate the intestines and stomach and increase appetite, help absorption and digestion. Children in the development and growth period, especially need to absorb more nutrition, take bird's nest can enhance the physique, increase the resistance, prevent the invasion of disease, and promote the development of brain, increase intelligence, make the response sensitive.

[teenagers] enhance immunity and strengthen the body

Bird's nest has the effect of Tonifying the middle and Qi, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen. It is rich in active high-quality nutrients, which can provide nutrients for regulating the physiological and biochemical functions of the body for children in the long body and youth development period, and help children to build a healthy body. For children with high learning pressure and picky eaters, they don't eat enough food at dinner. They can eat 3-5g bird's nest every time, which can give nutrition to increase physical fitness, promote gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. Persisting in eating will help children to activate their brains and strengthen their physique.

[female] secret recipe for delaying aging, beautifying and beautifying

Bird's nest has become a royal concubine and a synonym for warm star's youth. Hong Kong and Taiwan stars believe that bird's nest youth is an open secret recipe. They all regard it as the youth jade liquid, because bird's nest can help women to maintain their beauty. Insist on feeding and toning the bird's nest 2-3 times a week. After 2-3 months, you will be pleasantly surprised that you are much brighter and younger, nourished from the inside out, and become a 'woman that makes men attractive'. Pregnant women eat bird's nest effect is also very good oh.

[pregnant women] two tonics for one baby is stronger

Pregnant women before and during pregnancy, prenatal feeding is easy to pregnancy, birth, pregnancy. Pregnant women eating bird's nest can make the newborn babies stronger, whiter and more resistant. In Singapore, more than 80% of pregnant women eat bird's nest to make sure their babies are healthier in the future. Bird's nest is rich in active protein, which can promote the growth of human tissues and improve the immune ability.

[parturient] recover vitality, replenish blood and recover body

The rich and balanced nutrients in the bird's nest. After taking the bird's nest, the puerpera can quickly recover vitality, replenish blood, promote fat metabolism, detoxify and drain water, help the body to recover, restore slim body again, and send out youthful vitality. For pregnant women (postpartum mothers), the best way is to use bird's nest. Women need nutrition most during pregnancy, because bird's nest is rich in active protein, which can promote the growth of human tissues and improve immunity. Eating bird's nest for pregnant women can not only nourish the mother, but also make the newborn babies stronger, whiter and more resistant in the future.

[men] moisten the lungs, nourish the stomach, strengthen the kidney, and enhance the vitality of youth

Bird's nest is sweet and smooth. It can enter lung, stomach and kidney meridians. It has the functions of adding lean kidney, nourishing stomach and moistening lung. Qianlong was young and charming after his middle age. He took his concubines and concubines to the south of the Yangtze River to visit the mountains and rivers several times. In the course of his trip, he had to feed his bird's nest on an empty stomach every morning before the imperial meal (recorded in history books). A good effect of bird's nest is to clear lung and moisten lung, which is very good for respiratory system. Modern men have a lot of pressure in work and life. They often smoke and drink in social activities. Bird's nest is a rare "lung washing" product. Because men are usually busy, they are recommended to eat bird's nest.

[elderly] improve immune function and delay brain aging

Bird's nest is rich in active protein, vitamins, calcium, iron and other natural nutrients, which are easily absorbed by human body. In particular, it contains elements that promote cell division and epidermal growth factor, which can stimulate cell growth, achieve the effect of anti-aging and improve the immunity function. Regular diet can make the elderly live longer and enjoy the blessings of nature. Empress Dowager Cixi believes in bird's nest health care. She is still young, bright and hale. However, due to the weakened digestive system of the elderly, one-time bird's nest consumption should not be too much.

[the sick and the weak] are beneficial to recovery and resist radiation damage

In the convalescent period, those suffering from tracheitis or asthma and frequent cold often take bird's nest to relieve the trachea, make the breath smooth, support asthma, stop cough and phlegm, recover vitality and prolong life. After operation, the symptoms of blood deficiency, Qi deficiency and spleen deficiency, such as sweating and frequent urination, can be improved by eating bird's nest at this time, which is the best natural tonic and conditioning food. For some people who need to recover after operation or wounds, the epidermal growth factor contained in bird's nest can make cell tissue regroup and regenerate, which has significant effect on postoperative recovery and wound recovery. In the 1980s, Hong Kong scholars found that bird's nest can enhance the human body's resistance to X-ray and other radiation damage.

Therefore, with the enhancement of people's health care awareness and the rise of global food concepts such as "food instead of medicine" and "green environmental protection", the traditional concept of high-end tobacco and wine, high-level nutritional supplements, drug health products, deliberately made exquisite gifts, etc. have gradually lost their appeal, while the healthy natural health food -- bird's nest, because of its natural purity and deep cultural heritage Thick, high-grade, high-grade, high-ranking status, coupled with the appropriate price, has been gradually recognized and accepted by people. Bird's nest consumption has become a hot new topic, and also become a good gift for fashion people.

It can be seen that the bird's nest is suitable for a wide range of people. You may also want to experience the magical effect of bird's nest.