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Dalian boy visited the victim's family twice. It was seen that the boy had returned to the scene to

'the boy cheated my 10-year-old daughter into his house, tried to sexually assault her, and finally killed her with multiple knives and threw her body into the green belt. But just because the child is still more than two months from reaching the age of 14, this kind of crime can only be & lsquo; No criminal responsibility & rsquo;! ' When Wang Zhang mentioned the 13-year-old boy who killed his daughter, his jaw tightened and his tone was full of anger.

On the afternoon of October 20, Wang Zhang and his wife he Wei, who lived in Shahekou District, Dalian, found that their 10-year-old daughter Wang Xuan, who should have gone home after art class, did not come back. After calling the police and searching for several hours, Wang Zhang finally found his daughter's body in a green belt more than 200 meters away from his home in the community. After receiving the case that night, the police visited and investigated and locked the suspect as Cai, a 13-year-old boy in the community. That night, Cai confessed the fact that he killed Wang Xuan.

On the evening of October 24, Dalian police issued a notice saying that CAI was taken in and reeducated according to law on October 24 after being reported to the superior public security organ for approval in accordance with legal procedures.

My daughter hasn't returned home for a long time after class

The surveillance video only saw the figure four hours before the body was found

On the afternoon of October 20, it was time for Wang Xuan to have art classes every Sunday. At more than 13 o'clock that day, her brother who was in junior high school sent Wang Xuan to art class. After class at 15 o'clock, Wang Xuan walked home by herself. According to the usual arrangement, Wang Xuan will go back to the fruit shop opened by her parents first and then go home later. According to Wang Zhang, the location of the art class is only 10 to 15 minutes' walk from the fruit shop.

However, at about 15:40, Wang Xuan still didn't come back. Wang Zhang and He Wei realized the problem and began to look for their daughter in the community.

Wang Xuan's uncle recalled that 10-year-old Wang Xuan was a very sensible child. She not only did well in school, but also went straight home after school. She had never been to her classmate's house. Therefore, although she was only less than half an hour later than expected, her parents keenly judged that something had happened to her daughter.

He Wei said that in the process of looking for her daughter, a woman who saw Wang Xuan last told her that she had seen the child at an intersection in the community around 15:15. He Wei then asked the units and shops near the intersection to help her get the front door monitoring and found the figure of her daughter Wang Xuan. The reporter observed at the scene and found that this intersection is about 50 meters away from the Cai family at the scene of the crime and about 150 meters away from the fruit shop opened by Wang Zhang and his wife.

The time recorded in the above surveillance video is 15:20 on the 20th. This is the time when Wang Xuan should have returned to her parents' fruit store after class. This is also the latest video of living Wang Xuan in the surveillance.

At 19:20 exactly four hours later, Wang Zhang finally found the body of his daughter Wang Xuan in the bushes of a green belt in the community. According to the subsequent forensic identification, the presumed time of Wang Xuan's death was about 18 o'clock.

The assailant boy and the murdered girl are not familiar with each other

Mother regretted not picking up her child from school

He Wei told Jinyun news reporter that Cai Moumou and his son studied in the same junior middle school, spent a night shift with his daughter, and lived in the same community, so I remember him. But she recalled that their couple and their two children and Cai just knew each other, didn't know each other, and didn't have much contact at ordinary times. Cai also played at his own home in the future.

He Wei repeatedly recalled that her daughter did not disclose to her parents that she had been harassed and entangled by Cai Moumou, nor did she reveal the trouble of being tracked. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether Cai Moumou had a temporary intention to commit an attack or had been premeditated for a long time.

It is understood that in the early morning of the 21st after the incident, CAI was controlled by the police and confessed to the fact that he killed Wang Xuan. The police have not disclosed to Wang Zhang and his wife what means or words Cai used to bring Wang Xuan to his home and how he Limited Wang Xuan to his home for several hours.

A relative of Wang Zhang's family told reporters that after her daughter was killed, He Wei fell into deep remorse. She regretted why she didn't take her daughter out of class in person.

The relative said that Wang Zhang and his wife run a fruit shop in the community on weekdays. He Wei has to get up early to buy goods and make up for sleep at home during the day. Her phone was silent on the afternoon of October 20. On weekdays, the couple would have picked up and sent their children most of the time: 'of course, it doesn't mean that they can pick up and send their children every day, but as far as I know, the couple will pick up their daughter to and from school most of the time, including normal school from Monday to Friday, and her daughter's English class and art class on Sunday. But that day, perhaps because she was too tired, the child's mother didn't receive a phone call when she was sleeping, and her daughter came back by herself. It happened that this time on his way home, the child had an accident. "

The real murderer once 'came to the door to chat up' twice

Ask the father, 'did you find your daughter?' Wang Zhang later recalled the afternoon when his daughter disappeared and her body was found. In addition to the despair when he saw her body lying across the green belt, what made him feel the most angry and incredible was that the boy who killed his daughter took the initiative to come to his eyes twice and talked to himself as if nothing had happened.

"That afternoon, I set up a stall in the fruit store as usual. Near 15 o'clock, Cai walked up to my store and asked me & lsquo; Where has Wang Xuan gone& rsquo; I said & lsquo; She went to class& rsquo; He walked away. " Wang Zhang said.

At 16:30 that day, Wang Zhang had begun to look around with his family for his late daughter. After a round of unsuccessful search, he temporarily returned to his fruit shop. At this time, Cai appeared in front of him again.

'he came to ask me this time & lsquo; Did your daughter find it& rsquo; There was still nothing strange in his look. Later, according to the time of the surveillance video, my daughter should have been cheated into his house by him. I don't know how he can talk to me so calmly. " Wang Zhang said that since then, he continued to look for his daughter and didn't care about CAI's trend.

He Wei said that although Cai is only 13 years old, he is 170 cm tall and weighs about 140 kg to 150 kg. He doesn't look like the physique of a child at this age. 'my daughter is very thin. If there is a physical conflict, she must not be the boy's opponent. At the same time, his physique also has the physical conditions to dump the body. "

The girl was disheveled when her body was found

There are many knife marks and bruises on the body. At about 19:00 on the 20th, the sky in Dalian has gradually turned dark. Wang Zhang, his wife and his family are still looking for Wang Xuan with a flashlight. 19: At 20, Wang Zhang finally found Wang Xuan lying on the ground in a green belt, but the scene in front of him made his eyes black and almost collapsed to the ground.

'when I found my daughter, it suddenly occurred to me & lsquo; Buzzing & rsquo; Let's go. I first saw a shoe fall on the ground. When I rushed to her to check, I found that she had lost her breath. At that time, I saw that my daughter's pants had been faded below her knees, there was no clothes on her chest, and the coat was not worn, but pulled behind her. She was pressed with two garbage bags containing bricks and broken tiles. " Wang Zhang described the appearance of his daughter's body when it was found.

Wang Zhang and his wife said that the police rushed to the scene soon after and the forensic medicine confirmed the death of their daughter. As of the evening of the 24th, the police had not shown them the autopsy report, and their daughter's body is still stored in the funeral home.

Wang Xuan's uncle told reporters on the 24th night that she had observed the scars of Wang Xuan's body: 'there was a knife mark on the child's left forehead, obvious bruises after being beaten could be seen on his left eye and left ear, four knives were cut on his chest, and pinch marks on his neck. We don't know how many knives were stabbed in the whole body. We still have to wait for the forensic identification. The child's mother told me that she was found with her left hand up and her right hand down, looking like struggling before she died. " With that, she showed the reporter the general posture of Wang Xuan when she died.

Cai Moumou was suspected of 'directing and acting' before he was arrested

Once told his classmates that he was under the age of 14

A few days after the case, Wang Xuan's mother, He Wei, has been crying. According to her family, she hardly eats and doesn't want to go out. She spends most of her time in the room shared by the husband, wife and daughter. In recent days, with the continuous spread of the incident, relatives, friends and neighbors have come to comfort her, and some insiders have provided her with some information about CAI and his family.

He Wei showed reporters a group chat record of CAI Moumou on the evening of the 20th. According to her, this was sent to her by the parents of CAI Moumou's classmate after the crime, which recorded some of CAI's remarks from the night of the 20th to the time when he was controlled by the police.

In this chat record, Cai sent a video of the search scene taken from his window in the class at about 19:30 that day, and said to his classmates: 'the child died and was picked up and killed, just opposite my door.' At about 20 o'clock, he continued: "are they so hasty? Add me to the suspect list. My child suspects me. I threw the piece of paper I wiped blood on. Won't my blood get on her? I'm afraid my fingerprints and blood are on her, so I'm finished. ' And so on.

20: Around 30, Cai continued to say to his classmates in the class group, 'I'm afraid, I doubt me, how about my fingerprints? It seems that it's determined that the child did it. I'm 14 years old.' And said, 'forensic identification shows that our blood is together. My hands should not be so cheap. The police are coming to me. I'll record it for you. Don't send wechat'.

For the above chat content, a relative of Wang Zhang's family expressed his views: 'when CAI was controlled by the police that night, he did have scars on his hands. He was always afraid that the forensic medicine would find his blood on Wang Xuan. It seems that at more than seven o'clock, he wanted to pretend that he was a bystander in front of his classmates and that his blood accidentally rubbed against Wang Xuan, so as to clear himself of suspicion. Shortly thereafter, the police gradually locked him in, and he began to be afraid. We received this chat record because the other parent hid the other students' speech. It is speculated that someone asked him whether he met the age protected by the juvenile protection law, and he replied that he was under the age of 14. "

Wang Zhang's sister-in-law also told Wang Zhang that she had seen Cai return to the scene to watch after Wang Xuan's body was found: 'at that time, Cai said & lsquo; to the people in front of him; Really dead& rsquo; We estimate that he thought the people in front of him were ordinary onlookers, but that was actually my sister-in-law. She heard and wrote down Cai's words. "

The assailant boy had harassed many women before

Hundreds of residents jointly petitioned to punish the perpetrators. On the evening of the 24th, the reporter accompanied Wang Zhang to the scene of the crime. He saw dozens of nearby residents gathered at the scene. After seeing Wang Zhang, they came forward and comforted him softly. Many people spontaneously lit candles for the dead Wang Xuan. From time to time, residents held flowers in front of the candle to show their condolences.

A community resident who mourned at the scene told reporters that Cai had harassed women for many times in the community. It is true that he had been entangled and harassed by CAI.

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