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What is the feeling of contact lens wearing reversely? How to distinguish the front and back of the

what does it feel like to wear the beautiful pupil

There will be some maladjustment when the beautiful pupil is worn reversely. The main performance is that the eyes will shed tears, because on the opposite side, there will be some friction on the contact with the eyes, and the sense of adhesion is not strong. In the process of friction, there will be tears in the eyes. The feeling of foreign body in eyes is also obvious. In addition, if the beautiful pupil is worn reversely, it will feel loose because of the weak sense of absorption, and the uncomfortable feeling is particularly obvious.

How to distinguish the positive and negative sides of the beautiful pupil:

1. Color depth

The beautiful pupil usually has a color pattern on one side and no color pattern on the other side. Put the beautiful pupil on the palm of your hand and observe carefully. Usually, the side with deep and clear color pattern is the front side, while the one with less obvious color pattern is the reverse side.

2. Beautiful pupil shape

When the fingers are dry, put the beautiful pupil on any fingers, and observe the shape of the beautiful pupil. If it is like a round bowl, the standard semicircle shape represents the front side. If it is like a small dish, the shape of the opening opening opening around represents the back side.

3. Distinction of squeezing beautiful pupil

After cleaning your hands, put the beautiful pupil between your thumb and index finger, squeeze it gently with your hands, and pay attention to be light. After squeezing, the positive pupil will close inward, on the contrary, the negative pupil will collapse outward.

It's better not to bring the beautiful pupil in reverse, which will affect the health of the eyes. Besides, the beautiful pupil can look at both sides.