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Summary of the latest news of the Hualien earthquake in Taiwan

Original title: two people have been killed in the 6.5-magnitude earthquake in taihualian as of the time of publication, 9 people had been killed, 265 injured and 62 lost contact with Hualien earthquake, a spokesman for Taiwan's administrative department said at 2:00 on the 7th.

According to the website of China Seismological Network Center, at 23:50 on the 6th, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake occurred in the sea area near Hualian County, Taiwan, with the epicenter at 24.13 degrees north latitude, 121.71 degrees east longitude and focal depth of 11.0 km.

The earthquake caused the collapse of many buildings in Hualien, among which the commander-in-chief Hotel collapsed seriously and the first and second floors fell into the ground. Hualien fire department search and rescue personnel set up ladders to search and rescue the hotel. The head of the search and rescue team said that the hotel had been searched and rescued on the 4th to 8th floors, but no casualties had been found.

In addition, there are road bumps in Hualien. Suhua highway has been temporarily closed for the whole line and Hualian bridge.

According to reports, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital has flooded many patients, and the hospital has launched the "large number of patients" mechanism.

Taiwan's' Central Disaster Response Center 'has been set up at the first level, and search and rescue personnel rushed to Hualien for rescue.

Fu Gucheng, Hualien County Chief, said temporary shelters had been set up in Hualien's "little giant egg" stadium to provide people with sleeping bags, water and food.

After the Hualian m s6.5 earthquake, there were many aftershocks, including two m s5.2 earthquakes at 2:00 and 2:7 on the 7th. The aftershocks are expected to last another two weeks, the meteorological department said, adding that there will be stronger earthquakes in the future.

An earthquake with a magnitude of more than 5 occurred in the sea area near Hualien on the evening of April 4, with a maximum magnitude of 6.4. Since April 4, there have been more than 100 felt earthquakes in this area.