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Each of the high score horror film charts can be called a classic

No.8 silence

Dead silence, I think it is a three-dimensional film of suspense + thriller + horror. What I think of is that this film actually tells people that when other people's lies or tricks do not harm you, but to please you, you should not expose them. On the contrary, you will hurt others and yourself. This truth has nothing to do with movies in life, but it is true.

There has always been a lot of fans of horror films. The amazing and exciting pictures stimulate people's adrenaline. If you were asked to recommend horror films, which would you recommend? Today we bring you the list of the world's most horror films. Come and have a look.

No.7 latent

There is no bloody scene in the film. It relies on the powerful background music sound effect and the rising truth of terrorist events to conquer the audience. The constant occurrence of supernatural events forced the family to move out of the old house, but everything did not end, but became more and more serious. The wife even saw ghosts haunting. In the broad day, the eldest son Dalton was unconscious, and the wife finally asked the witch for help.

No.6 cabin in the forest

Originally, I was not interested in the bloody and stupid passages of American horror films, but the idea of the cabin in the forest really brightened people's eyes. Personally, I like this kind of creative film very much. At the beginning, the inexplicable combination of several people had the idea of going to the cabin in the forest for vacation. When entering the mountain, the eagle died on the invisible barrier, and the shadow of relevant departments was always shrouded. At the same time, there was a sense of Chumen's world.

No.5 hide and seek

At the beginning of the film, the foreshadowing was buried. Did your daughter's mother die in the bathtub? Did she commit suicide? The daughter's blurred and hate eyes wrongly make everyone think that she is the strange protagonist of the story because of her mother. Suddenly Charlie appeared. The father has been looking for a friend in his daughter's' consciousness'. After Elizabeth was pushed out of the window and died, she finally appeared. It was either someone else or the father who regarded himself as a psychologist.

No.4 orphan

It's really a long lost thriller. First of all, I don't like this poster very much. That expression has been staring at me. Sooner or later, I'll get depression. Speaking of the film, I was shocked by several points. It turned out to be a freak, followed by fluorescent painting. It was really creative, but it was amazing that it was so debauchery. The child's acting skills are really first-class. The devil girl is very amazing. I'm surprised that she's black. There are also eyes and expressions that are cruel and vicious enough.

No.3 ghost

The scariest movie I've ever seen so far. Now, half a year after watching this movie, I think the final outcome will be the cold war. This is the so-called psychological terror. It's not comparable to the visual impact made by American bloody movies. This movie has done a very high degree of keeping terror in my heart. Asian horror movies are pursuing psychological terror, Much better than European and American films!

No.2 soul summoning

In such rainy weather, it is very appropriate to see James Wen's "evocation". At present, Chinese directors do not have such a level to make such a good film. "Soul summoning" no longer uses blood, violence and pornography to please the audience, but instead uses evil spirits, sleepwalking, suspense and Exorcism to bring the audience into the abyss of terror step by step through a compact plot. This reminds me of his chainsaw series a few years ago. Each film does not exist independently. There are antecedents and consequences.

No.1 Silent Hill

The film is worth seeing, although it also has some flaws. I feel that the first half is not good. However, if watching a movie can inspire us, it is completely worth doing. In life, please be careful of those so-called good people who do the most despicable things in the world. Those who think they are on the side of the light fear the unknown and regard it as darkness. They should hurt those they fear by the most terrible means. If there is really evil, there must be a reason for its existence. Who will be much better than who?