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What is the English episode of Mr. love

Mr. love ended last night. Luo Yue and Cheng Hao finally got together. All kinds of characters have a happy ending. Netizens have said that they are very fond of the 45 episode English episode. What's the name of the song?

The English episode of Mr. love episode 45 is these words, which is hard to find on the Internet. The singer is Camille beluze, whose melody together attracts many netizens. It can be said that the best music runs through the whole play. Two people who have no fate in love stories will eventually become the most familiar strangers.

What is the English episode of Mr. love episode 45?

Luo Yue and Cheng Hao finally met on the streets of Belgium. They didn't say a word. They only had a silent smile and hugs. They didn't express their love until the end, so many netizens may not accept the ending. What's the English song Cheng Hao sent home to drink Luo Yue in the taxi

The English episode of the 45th episode of the TV series Mr. love is these words (main track Gu full length). Don't get the wrong version.

I especially like Cheng Hao and Luo Yue after their farewell dinner. Luo Yue is drunk and falls into Cheng Hao's arms. Cheng Hao's Distressed eyes turn over and over for several times. He indulges in this look, and Jin Dong's eyes are extremely dramatic. Cheng Hao finally sent the drunken Luo Yue home. Jin Dong performed so well. He just sat in the car stiff, but the micro expression on his face fully showed Cheng Hao's inner entanglement and frustration. He wanted to leave. Take the drunk Luo Yue home, take off her shoes, tidy up her room, cover her up, and finally close the door to leave. Everything is too warm, because it's warm, so it's very cruel.

Zhang Mingyang said to Cheng Hao, the man who accompanied you through the low valley didn't come. Luo Yue is stubborn to pay for herself every time. She faces all the unknowns. She will be red in the eyes because of song Ningyu's saying that hedgehogs need hugs more than rabbits. She cooks for the lonely Cheng Ba Ba, and forcefully pulls him out of the difficulty. Every time she went to her lover and looked at him with a smile, she was beautiful. Although she has been wandering for more than 20 years, she is still brave and desperate. The hedgehog's little armor can't protect her from injury. Even though she is covered with bruises and bruises, she has to regroup and wave away.

Many netizens also like Luo Yue in real life. There are too many bad things. All the way, the water reverses into a flood, and the sorrow reverses into a river. Each time, I face the unknown alone, bear the pain, and turn around stubbornly. Even if lonely wandering, still brave and strong, desperate. Even if you're bruised, you need to get back on your feet and live a beautiful life. Actually, hedgehogs need hugs more than rabbits. The harder you work, the luckier you will be. When happiness comes, you will greet it with a brighter smile. So this TV show also tells us, how about losing you and winning the world? Love early, don't miss it.

Who sang these words?

The episode of the 45th episode of "Mr. love" is the version of these words (main track Gu full length). Some netizens said it was performed by Camille beluze. Netease cloud can't find this song. You can go to QQ music. This song sings out the helpless melody and tells us the Vagrancy of life. The scenes in the song "Mr. love" are all in front of us. Luo Yue, Cheng Hao, they only exist in TV plays, not in reality, but only in TV plays, stories and plots. Audience in real life, there should be a lot of netizens do not want to give up the big ending, Xiaobian also want to see father Cheng. "Mr. love" after the completion of the play, harvest a song and a line, if lost, as if everything is floating clouds, thank you for this song and "This innocence", "warmth".