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What are the precautions for going home for blind date in Spring Festival? What's the best thing to

Every Spring Festival blind date busy, ready to go home to blind date singles, are you ready for blind date? What can be said when blind date absolutely can't be said? So during the Spring Festival blind date what are the precautions? Follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Avoid bragging about yourself

When you meet for the first time, if you only give a general idea of your personal situation, you can leave a sense of mystery to the other party and look forward to meeting you next time. On the contrary, if you are too bossy, you will make the other party think that you are an emotional dependent person and not willing to have in-depth contact with you.

Give the other party a say

In life, two people with opposite personalities can become lovers, girlfriends, confidants of the red or confidants of the blue. But for the first meeting, the two sides are not familiar with each other. Everything starts from scratch, and try to leave time for each other to talk. It will make people feel that you are considerate and equal.

Don't stare at each other

The triangle formed by taking the other side's eyebrow center as the top angle and the two cheekbones as the bottom angle is called 'focus area' by psychologists. When talking with each other, please focus on this "triangle area" so that the other party can have a feeling of being concerned, so as to have a good impression on you. On the contrary, if you stare at each other's eyes, it will make them hostile at the beginning.

Find topics quickly

If you can't find a common topic with the other party, you can appropriately repeat the other party's views to show that you are in the same position with him or her. In this way, the other party will have a sense of self satisfaction, which will redouble your favor.

Value each other's expertise

Don't go on and on about your strengths. It's depressing. You can ask more questions about each other's hobbies and expertise, which is easy to generate new topics and arouse each other's desire for communication.

Avoid heavy topics

Don't just ask the questions, let alone the questions of lovelorn, breakup and unemployment. Even if you are really curious, please restrain yourself and ask after both sides are familiar with each other.

Smile as much as you can

Research has found that 70% of Asian men say they like girls who smile often and have tiger teeth, while women prefer to see the sunny side of men.

Believe in the first feeling

When the first feeling tells you that the person in front of you is worth going on with, you should know what you should do next.