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What are the prohibited items by train? What can't be taken to the train?

for these people who are going to take the train home, there are many things that can't be brought on the train, but many people are not very clear about the prohibited articles of the train. Now let take you to check the prohibited articles of the train?

According to China Railway Customer Service Center, from January 10, 2016, kitchen knives, table knives and other items will be banned.

In view of the new situation in recent years, sharp and blunt weapons that may endanger the personal safety of passengers and have major potential safety hazards are listed as prohibited items.

For example, in addition to the controlled knives, sharp and blunt tools such as kitchen knives, dinner knives, butcher knives and axes that may endanger the personal safety of passengers are prohibited; other tools such as nail guns, defense devices, bows and crossbows are prohibited to be brought into the station.

Passengers can carry nail polish, light removing agent and hair dye not more than 20 milliliters; cold spray, mousse, hair spray, insecticide, air freshener and other pressure vessels can not exceed 120 milliliters; safety matches are limited to 2 small boxes; ordinary lighters can only bring 2.

The railway department has made it clear that animals are not allowed to take on the train. Even if pets and live poultry are packed in cartons, they can only be delivered to the railway department's private rooms for shipment according to packages. Even if they get on the train after passing the inspection when entering the station, once they are found by the train staff, pets and poultry may be confiscated according to the relevant regulations. When they get off the train and are found by the railway staff, the package freight shall be charged according to the regulations.

If passengers want to check in small animals such as cats and dogs, they must meet the following conditions: when animals check in pets, the checked pets must be on the same train with the owner, and the train for checking pets must be equipped with luggage compartment. At the same time, when handling the pet consignment formalities, the passenger shall show the pet immunization certificate issued by the health department and other formalities.

Passengers on the train can't carry bulk liquor on board. They can only carry sealed bottles of liquor, and the maximum quantity is one box of six bottles. However, if the degree of liquor is higher than 50 degrees, passengers can only carry two bottles on board. Of course, if the passenger can carry more than a quantity of white wine by consignment.

Passengers can carry a limited number of cigarettes on the train. Generally speaking, the maximum number of domestic cigarettes is 10, and that of imported cigarettes is 5.

Fireworks and firecrackers are not allowed to enter the train

The railway department has clear regulations: it is strictly prohibited to carry firecrackers, fireworks, gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, banana water and other inflammable and explosive articles, and it is strictly prohibited to illegally carry guns, ammunition, controlled knives, etc. Once the dangerous goods are brought into the station and boarded, the light will affect the passenger's journey, and the heavy will violate the law.

Durian, stinky tofu and other things with peculiar smell cannot be taken to the car

The railway department has made it clear that goods that hinder public health (including odor) cannot be brought to the train. For example, stinky tofu and durian are also prohibited if they affect other passengers.

No bicycles

According to the regulations of the railway department, it is strictly forbidden for passengers to carry bicycles (including folding bicycles). If they really want to carry bicycles, they need to check them in advance.

Adult free carry on weight no more than 20 kg

According to the regulations of railway passenger transportation on 12306 website, the weight and volume of free articles for each person are: 10kg for children (including free children), 35kg for diplomats and 20kg for other passengers. The sum of the length, width and height of each article shall not exceed 160cm, the pole-shaped article shall not exceed 200cm, but the weight of the EMU train shall not exceed 130cm, and the weight shall not exceed 20kg.

It should be noted that the foldable wheelchair of disabled people's travel time step can be carried free of charge and is not included in the above scope.