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Why is high-speed railway boxed rice so expensive?

there is no price increase for the high-speed rail boxed meal during the Spring Festival. Many people on the high-speed rail will like to sell boxed meal. Do you think the 45 yuan boxed meal is expensive? Wearing dust-proof caps and masks, wearing 'white coats', even covering feet with sterilized shoe covers, also need to wash hands through disinfection equipment, and then disinfect the whole body through the wind shower room without dead angle blowing & hellip; & hellip; yesterday, the new Beijing Daily reporter, who has been' fully armed 'from head to toe, walked into the catering base of Beijing Railway Service Co., Ltd.

It is understood that during the Spring Festival this year, the largest railway catering center in China and the second largest in the world will provide about 20000 'high-speed boxed meals' for high-speed rail and bullet trains from Beijing every day.

"High speed railway boxed rice" transportation monitoring

With a production workshop of more than 40000 square meters and orderly assembly line, this Beijing railway train service catering base is located in Beijing bullet train depot, which is responsible for the distribution of boxed meals for 94.5 pairs of high-speed rail and bullet trains of China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Corporation.

"Our base has more than 1300 employees, which has reached the level of 100000 per day. Since the Spring Festival 2018, the average daily production and sales of meals have exceeded 20000. Jia Tao, a spokesman for Beijing JINGTIE Train Service Co., Ltd., told reporters that during the summer peak, the base once produced 30000 fast-food boxed meals a day, so it is not a problem to cope with the demand for Spring Festival transportation this year.

The reporter noted that, unlike the traditional impression of the train box meal, the 'high-speed railway box meal' produced in the catering base adopts a full set of standardized operation mode, which is mainly divided into two types of box meal packages: cold chain and normal temperature chain. The shelf life of cold chain dishes is generally 72 hours. After being heated in the car by microwave oven, they can be provided to passengers. The normal temperature chain package has a general shelf life of 3 to 6 months, which is generally used for emergency use such as railway, for example, in severe weather such as snow, for rescue, trapped, etc. 'said Jia Tao.

In order to make every boxed meal delivered to passengers more quickly, the Beijing railway train service production base changed the catering mode of Tianjin west railway station from Beijing Tianjin Intercity Train distribution to automobile refrigerated transportation. But in this way, the shortest time from the completion of production to the delivery of the train is less than 12 hours. Jia Tao told reporters that although the daily transportation cost is increased by about 800 yuan, the sales time within the warranty period is extended, the taste and taste of the food are guaranteed, and the whole process monitoring can be realized to prevent food safety risks.

Boxed rice needs X-ray 'physical examination' before leaving factory

Entering the processing area, the reporter saw that the employees of the vegetable workshop were processing the selected vegetables and cutting them for use. In the meat processing workshop, all kinds of meat are neatly divided into strips and blocks, which are evenly mixed with the required seasoning, and then stacked in a metal tray for standby. At the side of the staff, there are often quality inspectors in yellow overalls who patrol back and forth to inspect the processed dishes.

Food and beverage production, hygiene is the most basic requirements. Sun Yi, deputy director of the production workshop of Beijing JINGTIE Train Service Co., Ltd., told reporters that according to the management regulations, every employee needs to change clothes twice before entering the workshop, and the employees of rice team and vegetable selection team need to take a bath before going to work, and then they can enter the production workshop through the spray room for dust removal, and their hands and feet need to be soaked in the disinfection pool for 30 seconds before they can enter the workshop Post operation.

All the food materials entering the kitchen should be inspected and tested in the laboratory of the base. In addition, the products produced every day should be kept for 5 days. At least two samples should be kept, one for sampling and the other for microbiological test. "Said the staff.

In addition to the manual inspection before cooking, before leaving the factory, the "high-speed iron boxed rice" also needs to undergo metal inspection, weight inspection, X-ray foreign body detection and other number theory 'physical examination'. The most strict one is X-ray physical examination, which is mainly used to screen the foreign matters in the lunch box. The selected unqualified products will be peeled off to the waste basket by a sorting arm. Every day, staff will analyze these "problem products" again, find out the link where the problem occurs, and ensure the food safety in the whole chain.

Reveal secrets

New changes of 'high-speed boxed rice' in Spring Festival

More variety, 4 new vegetarian packages

It is understood that during the Spring Festival 2018, the production base will produce 18 kinds of packages with 6 price points (10 yuan to 99 yuan) according to different routes and regional eating habits along the line and the dining needs of passengers. In addition, there are vegetarian packages for passengers with special needs.

"Different from the vegetable dishes we used to understand, these vegetarian packages are made of vegetable protein, which uses various cooking methods to simulate the taste of various meat dishes, not only rice and green vegetables. According to Jia Tao, there are four vegetarian packages at present, including 'kung pao chicken', 'black pepper beef fillet', 'fish flavored shredded meat' and 'tomato fish chop'. The price is 45 yuan. At present, these four vegetarian packages are produced 100 times a day. They are still in the stage of small batch trial production. In the future, according to the market demand, the production capacity will be increased gradually to meet the needs of vegetarians. 'said Jia Tao.

More food and the same price

'the amount of boxed food on the high-speed railway is too small, and it's always not enough to eat'. I believe this is the common feeling of passengers after eating on the high-speed railway train. In response to the problems reflected by the passengers, Beijing Railway Service Co., Ltd. has taken more measures to "change three dishes into four dishes, and improve the quality without raising the price".

Jia Tao confessed that the previous high-speed railway boxed rice was put in a set meal box with rice and vegetables, and some passengers may not have enough to eat. During the Spring Festival this year, in order to fully meet the dining needs of the passengers, all the rice in the set meal above 45 yuan is packed in a separate box, while the space in the original set meal box is increased by another dish, the price is the same but the quantity of dishes is increased.

He told reporters that in addition to increasing the quantity of dishes, in the next step, the Beijing railway service company will also increase the types of packages according to the feedback of passengers. "At present, the most popular dishes for passengers are & lsquo; braised pork with brown sauce", "Meicai with pork" and & lsquo; kung pao chicken ". In the future, we will add other dishes that are favored by passengers. '

Special dishes with more delicious taste

Although 'high-speed boxed rice' is all produced by cold chain fast food technology, in order to ensure the taste of some special dishes, the staff still choose the traditional cooking method which takes time and effort. Reporters in the production base of a small corner of the kitchen to see, there are two chefs are using a small pot to make a dry fried cattle River.

"Like the dry fried Niuhe, which is popular with tourists in Guangdong Province, we have tried to make it by machine in the past, but we can't make the original taste of this dish. Now we use manual stir fry, manual fire stir fry. After the stir fry, we need to carry out quick cooling treatment, reduce it to within 10 ℃ in the shortest time, and transport it in cold chain throughout the whole process, so as to make it as original as possible. "Sun Yi told reporters that there are only 7 or 8 normal plates in this pot of dry fried Niuhe. At present, we have a limited supply of 100 on the high-speed rail car every day.

In addition to the need to stir fry Niuhe by hand, braised pork also uses a very traditional method of artificial stir fried sugar color, and steamed buns are all made by hand to knead the pleats, so as to ensure the original taste of the dishes as much as possible.