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Taobao double eleven building challenge how to play Taobao double eleven Building Challenge introduc

Taobao double eleven building challenge how to play Taobao double eleven Building Challenge introduction this year's double 11 has been opened. Taobao has officially launched a lot of warm-up activities. I believe many small partners have seen it. So when will the Taobao double 11 Building Challenge start? Let's take a look.

Taobao double eleven building challenge how to play

Opening time:

The building challenge was officially opened on October 25

Participation mode:

1. To open the building challenge, participating users must upgrade their meow shop to level 5. The upgrade method is very simple. You only need to follow the prompts to browse the brand store for 15 seconds to upgrade to level 5,

2. After level 5, you need to find four teammates to form a five person alliance and divide the red envelope of 10 yuan. You can divide it from October 21 to October 25. After calculation, each person has at least 10 yuan red envelope.

3. Secondly, from October 21 to November 11, you can sign in on the activity page, browse goods, browse the main venue and watch videos to obtain meow coin upgrade stores. There are also red envelopes in the upgrade process, up to level 50.

4, finally, the number of megwhile coins that have been on sale this year has been greatly reduced. Last year it was the 50 time, only 20 times this year. For those users with too small a red envelope in meow currency, they can download many softwares such as Tmall, Taobao, Alipay, Youku, UC, Gao De, hungry, word of mouth, flying pig, Taobao special edition, Tmall store, Ali village and so on. Log in to participate in activities or games with Taobao account, and the red envelopes obtained will be concentrated in Taobao account.

Note: you must exchange your red envelope before 22:00 on November 11. Friends who do not exchange remind them that they will also get a new red envelope.

2019 Taobao double 11 Building Challenge introduction

Activity time: 22:00 on October 21-november 9

Game time: the team starts at 9:00 and ends at 22:00 every day,

How to match the opponent: randomly match the team in the same gear and start the game. For example, if you are level 25, the team leader of the other team is about level 25

How to determine the winning or losing: it is basically the same as 618 stacked cats. According to the total level of the team at the end of the game, the higher team wins the game.

How to play: two words, pull people

1. Pull people into the team. The more people pull, the greater the chance of winning. As for the maximum number of each team, the official did not specify.

2. Pull people to help. Team members can invite friends to help. Non team members can help 6 different teams every day. You can also send help red envelopes to friends to ask them for help

PS: the following points must be looked at

1. When you pull a person into the team or help, it is calculated according to the level of his first entry into the team or first help. It is fixed and unchanged, rather than changing in real time with the increase of level

2. 88vip extra + LV5

3. Newcomers have an additional + 50 level, which is only the first time to enter the team or help, but the naughty value should be greater than 500 points

4. To join the team, you need to meow shop level 5 or above or join other people's team

5. If you want to participate in the competition, you must take your red envelope to buy tickets. You can't enter without buying tickets

6. From November 10 to 9:00 on November 10, send the team red envelopes to your account