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Who is the host of CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2018 with the approaching of the Spring Festival, CCTV Spring Festival Gala in the year of the dog has also entered the countdown. At present, many invited guests have entered the rehearsal stage, so what are the guests of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2018? Which hosts will take on this task? Let's have a look.

CCTV's 2018 Spring Festival Gala was held in Beijing on February 5 for the first time. In previous years, famous actors were generally absent from the first two joint platoon, but this year, Faye Wong, Han Lei, Tan Weiwei, Jay Chou, Li Yifeng, Wang Kai, Yang Yang, Huang Bo, Zhang Yixing, Chen Weiting, tfboys, etc. all joined the joint platoon early, and the joining of popular artists brought many highlights to the party. CCTV released the host list of 2018 Spring Festival Gala on June 6: Kang Hui, Zhu Xun, Ren Luyu, Li Sisi and nigmati.

New Year greeting

Yang Dongsheng, the general director, said that the theme of the 2018 Spring Festival Gala is "joyful, happy and auspicious". According to CCTV official public's "CCTV viewing point", this year's CCTV studio will adopt a three-dimensional stage with Chinese characters as its structure. It will be joyful, modern and fashionable. Four sub venues highlight Chinese elements, national symbols and regional culture. The design of the special part of this year's party also made the audience enjoy it. In the "return of national treasure" link, overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese are reported on line in real time on the celebration of the Chinese new year, and a congratulatory telegram for the restoration of the new year is sent, which expresses the Chinese and overseas Chinese to spend the Spring Festival together, their love for the motherland and their good wishes, as well as the fruitful results of Chinese culture's going out.

Wang Feina Ying will be on the same stage at the Spring Festival Gala 20 years later

This spring festival gala's song and dance and magic miscellaneous programs dare to try, innovate and create highlights. The newly created theme songs of the times are profound, melodious and easy to sing; magic and songs are combined to witness miracles.

The popular cast of singers and dancers is quite strong. According to Sina entertainment, in the first row, not only the chorus of "My Spring Festival Gala, my year" by Wang Kai and Yang Yang, which has been exposed by the media, but also the "Legend of the dragon" brought by Huang Xiaoming, Zhong Hanliang, Yan Chengxu, etc.

Wang Fei and Na Ying, two pop divas, will be on the same stage again 20 years later. However, the chorus work is not "Reunion" but the new song "time". In addition, Jay Chou will be on the stage of the Spring Festival gala for the fifth time and sing "confession balloon".

Language programs satirize bureaucracy

As the focus of CCTV Spring Festival Gala over the years, this year's director group set the principle for language programs to "speak the language of the people, say the stories around them, and express the true feelings". The theme reflects both the "one belt and one road" building and friendship between the Chinese and African peoples. It reflects the people's mutual affection between the two sides of the Straits. It also satirize bureaucracy, formalism and satirize the work attitude of practitioners in some industries. Language program actors include Pan Changjiang, Sun Tao, Guo Donglin, Cai Ming, Feng Gong and other old comedians of the Spring Festival Gala, as well as the three generations of old, middle-aged and young mainland actors, Taiwanese actors and foreign actors. What's surprising is that 'Rong mammy' Li Mingqi and crosstalk artist Yang Shaohua will also perform on the stage.

With the first row, the host lineup of this year's Spring Festival gala as well as the four branch venues are also exposed. Among them, the main venue of the Spring Festival Gala is located in CCTV-1 studio hall. At that time, Kanghui, Zhu Xun, Ren Luyu, Li Sisi and nigmaiti will jointly preside over the event, bringing laughter and new year's blessing to the audience; Guizhou Qiandongnan branch venue will be jointly presided over by Ma Yue (CCTV) and Dou Aili (Guizhou Radio and television station); Guangdong Zhuhai branch venue will be jointly presided over by Yang Fan (CCTV) and GUI Jiachen (Zhuhai TV station); Shandong Qufu and Tai'an Branch venue will be jointly presided over by Li Jiaming (CCTV) Li Yi (Shandong Radio and TV station) Co chaired; Hainan Sanya Branch venue co hosted by Zhang Zequn (CCTV) and Wang Si (Hainan Radio and TV station).