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Best wishes for Valentine's Day 2018

Best wishes for Valentine's Day 2018 Valentine's Day is coming. How can there be less sweet words to melt each other in this day of expressing love except for gifts? If you don't know how to write the most romantic sentences for each other, the editor will collect some 2018 Valentine's Day greetings for your reference.

1. To meet you for the first time is the destiny of fate. To like you is the heart. To love you is the beginning of happiness. To have you is to wish you a lifetime without separation and blessing. That's a little bit of happiness.

2. Although there is no destiny, I hope that in the future, I can add a beautiful memory to your memory, and through the efforts of this life, I can perfect the love of the next life.

3. It's said that love can go through centuries, so it falls into the embrace of this life. Those painful and happy lives will be repeated. If you can't get rid of your long life, let him write the wrong story.

4. Sadness is not sadness. It does not make people despair because of grief, lose grace because of wailing, or lose their mind because of madness.

5. Make your heart into a kite, paint it with happiness, tie it with love, fly to the sky of love on 520 online Valentine's day, bring true love and deep blessing to your beloved. May you love more happily.

6. I think you are too tired to be drunk for you alone; my life is very busy and tired, I really want to sleep peacefully; it's hard to love a person, and I don't have to worry about the right or wrong; Shenma are all floating clouds, 520 I love you, this is my oath!

7. For you, I deleted the distractions, loaded the thoughts, pasted the thoughts, copied the thoughts, filled the infatuation, and filled the thoughts; 5.20 I love you became my happiest recitation, guarding you became my most desired wish, and accompanying you became my unchanging vow in my life!

8, like you, so do not want to give up easily, like you, so willing to give up, memories, you are so beautiful, in the bottom of my heart, I will remember you. Like you, do not expect to continue, as long as you can see every day, even the back can also. Looking at you, far away in the sky, my heart sank into the sea, I don't know when you can remember, I have been waiting for you in place, I don't know when you can turn around and see that I like you.

9. There is a kind of love that makes people palpitate, a kind of love that makes people catch up with each other, a kind of love that makes people happy and happy. I want to tell you that there is another kind of love that makes people never give up, that makes people hard to give up, that makes people never forget, that makes me love you, that makes this love strong and powerful, and that makes the world grow old.

10. Let me accompany you. Heaven sends you gifts. There is no gorgeous words to express sincere friendship. There is only one heart. It will always jump for you. That's my true feeling. I care about you no matter day or night.

11. I've been looking for you for a long time, but when I look back, I'm waiting for you. I've been looking for you for a long time, and suddenly I see your eyes full of feelings. My heart beats, my feelings move, and you're the other half of my life!

12. Light wind, light rain, light footsteps approach you; gently say, gently underground, gently convey my words; gently ask, gently say, gently I want to tell you: I really love you!

13. I know that I can't forget you when the stars are no longer bright without my heart. I know that I've fallen in love with you when the moon is no longer bright without my heart. There is nothing to change. My love for you!

14. I fell in love with one of her. I fell in love with her at first sight. I was full of her in my heart. I miss her desperately. After reading the text message, think about it. You two know each other very well. In fact, you are my one.

15. If you are a fish, I am the water, holding you up forever; if you are a cloud, I am the sky, holding you up forever; if you are a love, I am the love, composing the most beautiful words with you forever.

16. That person, not necessarily sweet talk, but must have a good temper; that person, not necessarily handsome and gold, but must have a smart mind and ambition; that person, must take my hand when crossing the road, say baby to me and walk with me; that person, when I'm tired, will stretch out his arms and say baby hug heartily; that person, must be in A sunny day, smile and say to me, baby, we should have a home.

17. It is said that every asshole has a sad past in his heart. I said that every deserter of love had a brave past in his life.

18. It's hard to love someone, but I keep giving; it's tired to love someone, but I'm addicted to Acacia; it's silly to love someone, but I'm stubborn.

19. Your gentleness is the reason that I can't forget; your care is the real touch of my heart; my heart is willing to let the years witness; my pay is only for you never regret. Dear baby, love you forever.

20. I fell in love with you for the first time. All day long, I want to win my heart. Take great pains, think hard. Rare your heart, do not understand my heart, so cruel, let me sad!

21. I will wait for your heart with infatuation. I will not die when the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten. Don't make me sad. You are my sweetheart. It represents my sincerity and hope to win your heart. I wish you happiness and don't have conscience!

22. There is a river that I try to cross, but sink deeper and deeper; there is a net that I try to pass, but I can't get rid of countless secret love complex; I like you deeply, but I don't know how to say & hellip; & hellip;

23. To love someone, there is a taste that only you can taste. It may be bitterness, sadness, gladness or happiness. The taste of love is like the blue sky, the inclusion and the broadness; the scorching sun, the warmth and the scalding; the bright yellow candle, a little warmth and a little light. This taste, for you, for her, there is a fate. I'm lucky, but not lucky. Treat and love the people who love you, and cherish the people you love, because in the ordinary life, true love is hard to find, true love is hard to find! Love a person's taste, by your own choice, your world, you are the master! Your life is unrepentant, a long life, love is not long, a short life, love is taste & hellip;

24. I like you, but I can do many things for you on impulse; but I dare not love you, because I love you and expect you to do the same for me. I like you, then I can jump out to frighten you silently and occasionally, but I dare not love you, because love needs to show well all the time, and keep your heart forever. Only when I like you can I tell myself to be noble, but I dare not love you because I don't want to be humble.

25. I am not a person who is not good at talking, but I will use my practical actions to make you feel that I really love you, so I hope you can give me a chance to take care of you for a lifetime, and then grow old together, OK?

26. Meeting you is my life's luck; falling in love with you is my life's happiness; losing you is my life's regret; without you, I can't feel the shock of my heart.

27. Because of you, I go to sleep very late every day, just to wait for you and talk with you; because of you, I will take my mobile phone from time to time to see if there is your message; because of you, I will be inexplicably angry, inexplicably vexatious; because of you, I become very tangled, and I don't know what to do. A word from you can change my mood, and a message from you can control my mood of the day. It's all because of you.

28. If my existence brings you a little burden, you just need to breathe a little, I will drift away with the wind because love is not a burden.

29. I tried my best to write a poem to praise you, but I failed, because even the most beautiful words in the world can not describe one in ten thousand of your beauty!

30. Your figure appears more and more frequently in front of my eyes. Gradually, it means like breathing, and it doesn't stop for a second, which makes me have a bad meal and sleep.

31. According to the research, the appearance of a wife is closely related to her husband's character and his attitude towards her. A broad-minded husband who is not easy to lose his temper can accommodate his wife and make her enjoy full freedom. With such a husband, the wife will have smooth and delicate skin, not prone to dark sores and color spots, and not prone to aging, often radiant. Therefore, the world's beauties: find a broad-minded married it.

Do you love me? If so, please bear all the love obligations, that is, think more of me every day, love more of me every day, care more of me every day, contact more of you every day, dream more of you every day, and be sure to finish it!

33. The wind blows, the feelings, the drizzle, the thoughts, the snowflakes, the love, the thoughts, the sad clouds, the hands, the warmth, the years, the sweet love, the long life, I miss you very much.

34. Love plays a happy angel in life. It always creates a romantic and warm little bit. It always adjusts the trivialities of life. Love is like a magic stone, which attracts you and me closely and keeps us together forever!

35. I have good ability of thinking divergence, adaptability, creativity, experimental operation and organizational planning, but my most outstanding ability is the ability of love pursuit. I believe I can catch up with you and wait and see!

36. I would like to be a happy pinion and a healthy screw. As long as it can add bricks and tiles to your happiness, it's my greatest happiness. Even if it's small, it doesn't matter. It's also the most meaningful thing, just because I love you!

37. The heart, trembling, is thinking of you; the feeling, deep, is thinking of you. No matter how far away the future is, with you and me, there are beautiful visions in my heart, let me hold your hand and go all the way.

38. The most beautiful is your smile, the most missed is your figure, the gift is my feelings, the company is my life, since then, sweet embrace, happy taste, love each other, I like you!

39. Be a man with conscience and find a woman with temperament. I meet condition one, you meet condition two, so we are perfect!

40. If I really say my guilt, I'm afraid that you think I'm unprofitable, but if you don't say it, I feel unprofitable.

41. Sincere smile, every heartbeat, may be silent, but it is better than illusory vows of the sea and mountains; the collision of true feelings, the fit of soul, may not be romantic, but it is better than countless true confession.

42. If you buy roses, forget it, you will be laughed; if you buy chocolate, forget it, you will be fat; if you light candles, forget it, there is no Valentine; on Valentine's day, I wish you and I would have a happy Valentine's day together!

43. Your shadow time can't rush away, and my missing distance can't go away. There is no reason to give you happiness. You are in my heart. Never love you enough. Valentine's day, happiness beckons to you!

44. We don't want to be Cowherd and weaver girl, because they are too far away from each other and too short; we want to be ourselves, because you are by my side, holding my heart firmly! feeling