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When is the 2018 Alipay harvest card activity rule?

Today, Alipay five lucky card collection has been carried out to the second round, and many friends have gathered. This year, the most difficult to get the word "Fu" is the dedication and dedication. Today, Xiaobian tells you the rules and Strategies of Alipay to collect words.

2018 after the launch of Alipay's fukha campaign, many users opened the AR to scan the blessing word to get the fukas. If your interface shows that the word "fukha" has reached the ceiling, let's take a look.

2018 what about Alipay ceiling?

There is a limit to scan fuka every day. If there is a hint in the picture above, it is suggested that you come back to scan fuka tomorrow!

2018 Alipay Ji Fu card activity rules:

Activity time: February 6 to February 15

1, February 6th, Alipay AR sweeps any blessing or sweeps close friends' five blessing to 'gestures.

2. From February 8, gold eggs will be collected in ant Manor

3. From February 11, participate in ant forest watering activities

4. Three universal cards for Diamond members! You can transfer any card

5. Friends can give each other a lucky card to convey their blessings