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Who is Ma Mingze? Who is Ma Mingze mentioned in Li Guoqing's wife Yu Yuchang's article

Original title: who is Ma Mingze mentioned by Yu Changwen? Follow Li Guoqing from university source: Sina Technology

In the early morning of October 24, Li Guoqing's wife Yu Yu replied to tear Li Guoqing's hand under Li Guoqing's circle of friends. Yu Yu said that Li Guoqing took 130 million cash from his home and did not leave the house clean. And pointed out that Li Guoqing united with public relations to manipulate the media and lied about everything.

Yu Yu mentioned 'Homosexual Ma Mingze' in his long article. Yu Yu called him a 'little liar', scolded him as a 'gangster in Daqing Oilfield', and questioned how he bought his' Sanlitun Apartment '? His mother, an ordinary oil field employee, how did the real estate in Hainan come from '. According to tianyancha information, Ma Mingze is the former general manager of Dangdang wireless division, in charge of technology and market. He is still one of Dangdang's shareholders.

According to Tianyan survey, Ma Mingze has Beijing ouxuan network e-commerce Co., Ltd., which holds 99% of the shares and is the ultimate beneficiary. According to @ DoNews, in April 2011, xuanwang founded by Ma Mingze went online. Ma Mingze, who followed Li Guoqing from the university until he became a boss, couldn't help thinking back to the past days and the days when he worked hard with Li Guoqing.

Yu Yu's lengthy comments involved a number of charges against Li Guoqing. " What are you doing? Have you finished your exhibitionism? Do you want more material? I'll give it all. Then, Yu Yu mentioned, 'the threat letter from the same-sex lover to me, your syphilis medical record, test sheet, the record of opening a room with my Ctrip account, you & lsquo; Senior staff in the system & rsquo; Go to the bath center, you flatter the investment officer, the remittance slip of the third generation TV series' and a series of 'materials'.