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The best time to apply facial mask! Do you need to wash your face after finishing the mask?

For women, facial mask is a necessity for skin care, because facial mask can help us relieve the condition of water shortage, as well as long pox and long spots. But many people have such a problem when applying facial mask. Is it necessary to wash their face after applying the mask? What time is the best time to apply the mask? Let's have a look

First, the best time to apply the mask in a day.

The best mask time for a day is after bathing in the evening. When the bath is vapour, the pores of the facial skin have been opened. When applying the mask to the face, it helps the skin absorb the nutrients in the mask. In addition, if you need to apply skin mask to your skin during the day, as long as you do a good job of cleaning, you can get a good result by rubbing a bit of essence on the face. Especially in the summer, when you go home, clean your makeup in time, then apply a moisturizing mask to calm your skin, so that your skin will get sunburned.

Two, the best time to apply a mask.

Another is to say the best time to apply a mask. We should pay attention to the different types of facial mask, the time of applying the mask is also different. Next, let's talk about the use of the three main facial mask functions.

The first is a cotton mask. The duration of this kind of mask is in 15-20 minutes.

The second is the paste mask, which usually needs to be applied to the face for half an hour.

The third is the sleeping mask. The sleeping mask can be applied directly to the face as water emulsion. There is no specific time limit. It only takes second days to clean it.