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Alipay set five FU formally launched 2018 Alipay set five FU latest strategy

Alipay set five FU formally launched 2018 Alipay set five FU latest strategy

Sihai network: in 2018, Alipay set up five good activities and started again. How many blessings do you sweep today? Although it's a routine every year and there's a lack of "dedicated happiness" every year, people still have a lot of fun. Let's summarize the best five blessings strategies for you. Thank you very much.

2018 Alipay set five good activities to divide up 500 million red packets. Everyone will have users who gather five blessings. Randomly distributed, with different amount. One or two less, up to 666 yuan.

One of the best strategies for gathering blessings

Don't leave anything out. Well, a sweep may be such a routine, but Xiaobian has experienced it personally. Today, at most three blessings swept out by himself are soy sauce. Then you need to turn on Level 2 blessing skill.

The second most powerful strategy of Jifu: the most comprehensive encyclopedia

After the three blessings are collected in one sweep, the competition is the means of knowledge level! In addition to the original way of sweeping blessings, the editor announced two additional opportunities to receive blessings:

1. in the Alipay's "ant forest", watering your friends, you have the chance to get the word "Fu".

2. look for Alipay partners, such as Coca-Cola!

The third most powerful strategy of gathering blessings: wannengfu

In addition to the above methods, Diamond members can enjoy three universal blessings, which can be converted into any card they want, or presented to friends.

Of course, friends can also pass on a lucky card to pass on their blessings. Do you have confidence in collecting five blessings this year?

Lottery time: according to Alipay Ji Fu page, it will be open at 22:18 pm on February 15th.