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What are the beautiful novels in Jinjiang? Jinjiang's top ten high scores have finished the ranking

Danmei's novels, also known as BL novels, are a very popular theme of homosexual pure love novels in recent years. With the fire of TV dramas adapted from Danmei novels such as addiction, zhenhun and petition order, Danmei novels have attracted more and more readers' attention. Jinjiang literature city is a novel reading platform that many people like very much. Many novels have been adapted into film and television dramas through the Jinjiang fire, which has been loved by many viewers and netizens. So what are the good-looking and beautiful novels that have ended in Jinjiang? This article brings you the top ten beautiful novels with high scores in Jinjiang. Let's see what you like best.

10. The half leader

The author of half of the sect leader is shoulder pole No. 1. It tells the story of a young man who crossed between ancient and modern times and made a fortune in modern times by using the martial arts learned in ancient times.

9. Peach blossom debt

Peach blossom debt is written by a strong wind, which tells the story of the causal reincarnation of song Fang and Heng Wen. Song Ya became a vassal son in the lower world and forcibly robbed the weak Tianshu Xingjun into his house & hellip& hellip; Previous life entanglement, cause and effect reincarnation. Song Ya plays a bridge in other people's love drama. She is really a lonely Luan forever.

8. Introduction to the Emperor

The author of the introduction to the emperor is Yu xiaolangshan, who tells the love and hatred between the young emperor Chu Yuan and the southwest King Duan Baiyue. In troubled times, the two supported each other and led thousands of soldiers and soldiers of Chu to bathe in blood on the battlefield. Finally, in exchange for the integrity of the country and the well-being of the people, they wrote a magnificent long song of iron and blood together.

7. Scum villain self rescue system

The author of "scum villain self rescue system" is Mo Xiang Tongwei. It tells the story of Shen Yuan, as a book fan, passing through the scum villain in the book, changing the original plot and saving himself. Early loyal dog little white flower later blackened sjb girl attack & times; The setting of the gentle and evil villain make complaints about the Tucao demon, which is very funny.

6. Kill the wolf

The author of "killing and breaking the wolf" is priest. This novel tells the story of Liang anding, Hou Gu Yun and his prince Changgeng brought back from a small border town. This is a novel worthy of in-depth reading. There are many details and foreshadows in the text, which are worth exploring one by one. Gu Yun never talked about patriotism, but what he did most was to be loyal to the king and patriotic, which was really hot-blooded and moving.

5. Silent reading

The author of silent reading is priest. The description of the details of the characters in this novel is very vivid. It perfectly combines suspense and beauty, and uses the characters to connect various stories, which makes people attracted by the small stories in the novel.

4. Phoenix in nine days

The author of Feng Yu Jiu Tian is Feng Nong. It tells the legendary story of the protagonist Feng Ming who died in an accident. Once he woke up, he crossed into another time and space. Later, he met Rong Tian, the Regent, and helped Rong Tian stabilize his internal affairs and calm the war.

3. Kaleidoscope of death

The author of death kaleidoscope is xizixu. It tells the love story of the gatekeeper of the twelve doors falling in love with the Obsidian leader. The supernatural customs clearance plot in the work is very attractive. Ruan Nanzhu said to Lin Qiushi, when you stare at the abyss, the abyss is also staring at you.

2. Master of the devil

The author of "the master of evil way" is Mo Xiang Tong Chou, which tells the story of blue forgetting machine (noble, cold, gorgeous and coquettish attack) & times; The story of Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian, who was notorious in his previous life, was taken to his nest by his younger martial brother, and finally died without a whole body. A generation of evil masters who once caused a bloody storm became a brain cripple when they were reborn. However, they can cultivate ghosts rather than immortals. You can have thousands of troops and horses. A ghost flute is collected by hand and belongs to the flag.

1. Heavenly blessing

The author of Tianguan blessing is Mo Xiang and Tong Chou, which tells about the attack of goblins in C day and R place & times; The story of immortals collecting rags. Xie Lian was the prince's Royal Highness with golden branches and jade leaves. Who knows that once he rose to the Tao, thousands of people worshipped him. I thought it would go well with the wind and water from now on, but I didn't think it would be belittled again and again. Finally, I became a ragged God without believers and incense. On his way to collect rags one day, he met a mysterious teenager, who was actually the ghost king of the three worlds - Flower City.