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How to prevent smog in winter? How to choose children's anti haze mask?

It is getting closer and closer to winter, and the haze in many areas is becoming more and more serious. It is very necessary for people who often go out to take anti haze measures. Especially for children with low immunity, it is also a standard to wear anti haze masks when going out. So how to prevent smog in winter? How should children choose anti haze masks?

Tips for preventing smog

1. In haze weather, try to avoid going out during rest, especially children, because their respiratory organs are not mature and are vulnerable to haze. Especially in the weather with severe haze, for example, the PM2.5 index has exceeded 300. Going out to play will do more harm than good.

2. You should eat more lung nourishing food. Runfei food can timely discharge the toxins inhaled by the lungs, maintain the lungs and ensure the health of human lungs. Good lung moistening foods include Siraitia grosvenorii. Siraitia grosvenorii tea can prevent pharyngeal pruritus caused by inhaling dirty air in foggy days, and has a good effect of moistening lung. Especially in the afternoon. Other effective lung clearing foods include Auricularia auricula, tremella, lotus seed, lily, etc. eating these foods in winter has the effects of clearing lung, moistening lung and nourishing lung.

3. Eat more fungus food. Fungus food has good health preservation effect and is a good anti allergy food. Eating more such food can improve the baby's anti allergy ability to a certain extent and avoid asthma and other respiratory diseases caused by smog. Children can eat more Flammulina velutipes. Flammulina velutipes can improve human immunity, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. In addition, Flammulina velutipes has a protein that can alleviate allergic symptoms such as asthma and rhinitis.

4. Eat more bactericidal food. Haze weather is also a period when a large number of bacteria and viruses are active. At this time, give your baby some sterilized food. For example, garlic and onion can kill bacteria in the body. Therefore, if you can eat a little garlic raw every night in haze weather and high incidence season of influenza, it will effectively prevent your baby from contracting influenza and respiratory infectious diseases.

5. Drink plenty of water. In haze weather, water is the best drink for children. Water can dilute the accumulated dust and toxins in the human body. Drinking more water can help detoxify.

6. Wear masks when going out. If you want to go out, you must bring children with anti haze masks based on comfortable and breathable pure cotton materials.

How to correctly select children's masks

1. The quality must pass the customs

Whether children or adults, the primary purpose of wearing masks is to prevent the invasion of germs. Therefore, texture is the first consideration when parents choose masks for their children. Many people on the street use disposable masks, but it is not recommended to use them for children, because disposable masks are too thin to resist germs. It is suggested that mothers choose 6-8 layers of pure cotton masks for their children. In addition, comfort and ventilation are also the key to consider!

2. Good looking may not be easy to use

Now there are many large and small, colorful masks on the market. These masks are printed with cartoon patterns, and the styles are so many that people are dazzled, which is favored by many children and parents. In fact, such a gaudy mask may not be easy to use! The mask can directly contact the child's mouth and nose. The chemical fiber materials with cartoon patterns can not only achieve the effect of bacteria prevention, but also be harmful to the body.

3. The size should be appropriate

8-10cm masks are relatively suitable for children, because children's faces are very small. If they wear too large masks, bacteria will drill in from the gap and enter the child's respiratory tract. In addition, parents should also choose the appropriate model of mask according to the baby's age.

4. Pay attention when the baby uses the mask

Distinguish the front and back of the mask

Some confused little babies will wear the front and back of the mask by mistake, which will be more than worth the loss! Therefore, parents must teach their children how to identify the front and back of masks!

Masks should also be cleaned

In order to prevent germs in the air, people will choose to wear masks, but they often ignore the hygiene of masks. Although masks can resist the invasion of foreign bacteria for us, they are not 'once and for all'! If you don't clean the mask, more bacteria will grow! Therefore, it is very important to disinfect and clean the mask! Remember, you must scald with boiling water.

Remember to keep it properly

Some babies will put them in their pockets as soon as they take off their masks, and they can't tell whether they fold face to face or back to face. Such a situation is absolutely impossible! The clean side will get dirty, and then the baby will put it on his mouth, and bacteria will enter the child's body! Therefore, mothers should prepare a clean fresh-keeping bag for their children and tell their children to fold the inner side in half and keep it in the bag when they take it off!