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Who played the hero of "Celebrating more years"? Brief introduction to the plot of Qing Nian

Recently, the upcoming TV series "Qingnian" has been tentatively scheduled to be released in November. Many fans of this TV series are very looking forward to it. Especially according to the characters released by the TV series "Qingnian", this drama has gathered a lot of powerful actors, which can be said to be worth looking forward to. So do you know who is the hero of Qing Nian? Let's have a look

Chinese Name: Zhang Ruoyun

Gender: Male

Height: 181cm

Place of birth: Beijing

Date of birth: August 23, 1988

Graduated from: Beijing Film Academy

Brokerage company: Beijing Mengzhou Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Introduction to Zhang Ruoyun:

Zhang Ruoyun, an actor from mainland China, was born in Beijing on August 24, 1988 and graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

In 2004, Zhang Ruoyun participated in the TV series "the oath of love" for the first time; In 2010, he participated in the TV series barber and snow leopard; In 2011, starred in the TV series black fox; In 2013, he participated in the TV series "Li Jian", "marry you in the next life", "wind shadow", "new snow leopard", "love song" and so on; In 2014, Wu Xin the monster killer deacon troupe and the master of heart. In 2015, he participated in the TV series sparrow and storm, and the films Skyfire and wonderful flowers; In 2016, he starred in the TV series legend of green hill fox, waiting for migratory birds for 15 years and forensic Qin Ming; In September 2016, the TV play sparrow was broadcast and won the first ratings in the same file. Zhang Ruoyun's personal Baidu Index soared and attracted public attention.

Brief introduction to the plot of Qing Nian

In the late Eastern Jin Dynasty, Liu Yu, the prime minister, launched a coup and usurped the throne as Emperor Wu. In this coup, the newborn son of imperial concubine Ye Qingmei was spared. He was accepted as an adopted son by the Minister of justice Fan Jian and named fan Xian (Zhang Ruoyun). At the age of 18, fan Xian was about to marry the royal family. The identity of the son-in-law became the target of all forces, and was involved in the struggle for Royal rights. Fan Xian was quick witted and always saved himself from danger in the struggle of the royal family. Later, with his wit, he solved many outstanding cases and became famous all over the world. At this time, all forces were competing for the position of Prince. The eldest princess and the second prince rebelled one after another. Fan Xian returned to the capital alone to escort him. Fan Xian proved his sincerity to Emperor Wu, but at this time he found that he was the son of Emperor Wu, and it was Emperor Wu who killed his mother. After knowing the truth, he made up his mind to avenge his mother and fight the cruel Emperor Wu for the people all over the world. Finally, fan Xian forced Emperor Wu to abdicate and passed the throne to the third prince. There was harmony inside and outside the court. Fan Xian took his daughter away from the court and lived in seclusion by the sea.