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Who is Li Zeyan

If you are familiar with miraculous warmth, you will know who Li Zeyan, Xu Mo and Zhou qiluo are. Miraculous warmth has created a love cultivation game love and producer. The protagonist is for these three reasons. Recently very hot game Oh, interested friends can go to play Oh.

If you pay attention to miracle warm, you may be familiar with these three people, because they are another love cultivation game love and producer created by the original team of miracle warm. These three names are the protagonists. Many people are already playing. Those who are interested in this type of game can play it!

Who is Li Zeyan and Xu Mo?

Gifted scientist, Xu Mo

Evol special police, white

Domineering president, Li Zeyan

And superstar, Zhou qiluo

1. Compelling plot and novel world outlook

As a love management game, plot and management are indispensable. In love and producer, players play the role of heirs of a film and television company on the verge of bankruptcy. From the moment they enter the game, they have to try their best to save the company. In this process, I met four boys with different identities, and started a super sweet love journey. At the same time, I was involved in a series of incredible surreal events

With the unfolding of the plot, the hidden secrets are slowly unveiled layer upon layer, which is very fascinating. The opening CG of each chapter implies the development of new clues.

These settings of love and producer make Xiaobian think of four words' urban power '. Then, we have to mention the setting of Evolver in the game - Super evolutionary human! In the world of Evolver, there is a legend: there is a special Evolver that can change the fate of Evolver and even the whole human race: whether human beings are going to evolve or destroy depends on the guidance of this person

2. Four men who are flirting and being flirted, Su Dao's legs are soft

Before playing, Xiaobian complained a little about the lack of male owners in love and producer, but after playing, it will be found that these four characters perfectly cover all the adrenaline soaring attributes.

Bully president Li Zeyan: handsome and golden, sometimes haughty and sometimes vicious, in a word, it won't make you comfortable, but it gives the hostess 500 million yuan of investment;

Zhou qiluo of little golden hair: little sun, the cure Department of youth, always straightforward praise female Lord, the legendary girl's friend;

Xu Yan, a loyal dog special police officer, said: the former bad youth, although don't twist, but the first opening is to kill lines, hiding a literary heart;

Professor Xu Mo: IQ and EQ crush the existence of the top three, flirt with younger sisters and maniacs, and can boast about you while flirting with you naturally~

3. Exquisite painting style, powerful sound quality, visual and auditory double satisfaction

It should be known that the style of painting has always been an important reason for it to stand out in the field of costume games. Love and producer inherits its exquisite and delicate style of painting, making people look at each other from many games.

Especially in the game, hundreds of beautiful male master paintings and the complete presentation of the scene bring surprises to the players.

As the saying goes, the best choice of game sound is half the success. In order to meet the needs of more and more voice players, love and producer has invited four top domestic sound Talents -- Bian Jiang, a Jie, Wu Lei and Xia Lei

Different styles of male owners, just listen to the voice can make people pregnant!

4. Telephone, SMS, friends circle, super real love experience

In the game playing method, in addition to the common fetters to obtain, plot exploration, players also need to produce programs with different themes, and through the ratings test, get different program ratings. The simulated audience message below the program makes people truly experience the feeling of opening a film and television company and becoming a producer.

In addition, the specially made 'mobile phone' system is also the existence of calling. I don't know who developed it. Xiaobian can't help but want to add a chicken leg to it!

Not only telephone, text messages, but also friends circle and public number promotion with domestic characteristics have greatly met the demand for sending messages and calls between girls and men. When Xu Mo first called, he blushed & frasl; (& frasl; & frasl; & bull; & frasl; & omega; & frasl; & bull; & frasl; & frasl;) & frasl;. At the same time, the addition of this play method is also convenient for players to "first person perspective", greatly improving the sense of substitution.

From the perspective of human structure, love and producer firmly holds the crowd characteristics of the female players' appearance Association, and gives various character attributes to the characters. No matter "Ao Jiao", "Bu Hei", "bawdy", "loyal dog" and "sunshine", there will always be one for you.

As far as the theme is concerned, love and producer is different from the common music idols, Japanese styles and Prince of dreams in the market. The modern city closer to life is adopted as the background, and the world view setting of light science fiction adds a lot of highlights to the game.

Finally, what Xiaobian wants to say is that in addition to "hollowing out the wallet," love and producer "is impeccable in all aspects. Here, Xiaobian won't disclose more playing methods and plots to you. If you want to know how the story develops? Who is the boss behind the scenes? Let's explore the game world!