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What should be paid attention to when visiting Thailand in the Spring Festival of 2018? What's your

A recent new regulation on travel to Thailand has attracted many people's attention. Thailand has implemented a beach smoking ban since February 1, and the punishment is quite serious. What do you think about this? Friends who are going to travel to Thailand during the Spring Festival should be careful. Let's take a look at this.

What should you pay attention to during the Spring Festival in Thailand?

With the improvement of people's material conditions, it is very common to choose to travel during the Spring Festival, especially to Southeast Asia. You should pay attention to such a news recently when you go to Thailand. According to the beach smoking ban issued by the Ministry of natural resources and environment of Thailand, from February 1, Thailand banned smoking on 24 beaches in 15 governments to rectify the beach environmental pollution. According to this regulation, people and tourists are not allowed to smoke on 24 beaches, including the famous beach resorts of Huaxin, Pattaya, Sumei, Panya, Phuket and Jiami. Violators will face a fine of 100000 baht, about 20000 yuan, or imprisonment of no more than one year, or both.

Do you think the punishment to solve this problem is serious?

Respect other people's right to smoke, swear to defend their right to health. You can smoke, but don't smoke in public or in many people's places, and don't throw cigarette butts at will. If you can't do it, it's better to impose a fine, because protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility. Environmental problems are really important. Tourist attractions are often polluted. It's really boring to watch them. I hope our country can do the same. Smoking everywhere and throwing cigarette butts to pollute the environment are forbidden not only in foreign countries, but also in China. I also smoke a pack a day. I am addicted to smoking. But I will never smoke in public places. I only smoke in the smoking room or the toilet where smoking is allowed (generally not allowed in the toilet). Once I wanted to smoke in Dennis, I went to the rooftop to smoke. China should also make such laws. Those who smoke on the road in public are really annoying when they smoke along the road. I hope it can also be implemented in China. We smoke other people's second-hand smoke for no reason, and sacrifice our health in vain. No matter where I am, every time someone smokes nearby, I will cover my mouth and nose in silence and hate the smell of smoke.