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Tickets for the 2018 Spring Festival can be bought a few days in advance

Tickets for the 2018 Spring Festival can be bought a few days in advance one ticket is hard to get in the Spring Festival every year. No matter the bus ticket or the train ticket, it will be the same in 2018. Many people will choose to buy the bus ticket if they can't get it. Do you know that the bus ticket can be bought several days in advance in 2018? Let's take a look at some information about Spring Festival 2018 ticket.

The standards of passenger stations vary, and tickets are generally sold 7-15 days in advance during the Spring Festival. Online ticket purchase process: registered members - train number inquiry - reservation train number - payment of ticket money - ticket collection at the station during the Spring Festival, ticket tension, suggest to purchase in advance.

Will the price of tickets for Spring Festival 2018 increase


Some of the routes will increase the price of tickets for the Spring Festival 2018, but the price will rise within the scope allowed by the policy. The ticket price of the Spring Festival 2018 is implemented in accordance with the national regulations. The long-distance bus ticket price can be adjusted at any time (not limited to the Spring Festival) within the range of 30% up and 30% down on the basis of the benchmark price. In the off-season of passenger transport, the price of some shift lines is floating down, while the price of spring transport car is returning to the benchmark price or floating up 10% or 20%, so long as it does not exceed the upper limit of 30%, it is within the reasonable range.