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The shortlist of the 37th golden Statue Awards announced

On February 6, a press conference was held at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards. The president of the awards, er Dongsheng, Ren Dahua, and Bai Zhi and Wang Wanzhi, who have won the best supporting roles for men and women, read out the shortlists of 19 awards. Xu's new films lead the way with 11 nominations, including best film, best director, best screenwriter, best photography, best clip, etc. So who will spend the rest of this year? As one of the more valuable awards in the festival, it will be a much anticipated visual feast.

It is reported that the award ceremony will be held at the cultural center of Tsim Sha Tsui on April 15.

Full list of awards:

Best movie:

Love and love

Bomb disposal expert

When is the moon

Killing wolves - greedy wolves

Dragon chase

Best screenwriter:

29 + 1 by Peng Xiuhui

When is the bright moon

Peng Haoxiang, Yin Zhiwen and Lu Yixin: saving Zhiming in spring

Love and love by Zhang Aijia and you Xiaoying

Blue sky and white clouds by Zhang Jingwei

Best director:

Zhang Aijia's love and love

When will the bright moon be

Ye Weixin's killing wolves - greedy wolves

Qiu Litao, bomb disposal expert

29 + 1 by Peng Xiuhui

Best actor:

Tian Zhuangzhuang's love and love

Gutianle: killing wolves & middot; greedy wolves

Liu Dehua, bomb disposal expert

Ling Wenlong's Golden Flower

Music for love by Zheng Zhongji

Best actress:

The golden flower by Mao Shunyun

Zhang Aijia's love and love

When will the moon be bright by Zhou Xun

Karate by Deng Lixin

Zhou xiuna 29 + 1

Best supporting actor:

Jiang Haowen, great musician. Music for love

Jiang Haowen, bomb disposal expert

Karate by Kuroda BaoZhao

Qin Pei's saving Zhiming by Chunjiao

Killing wolves - greedy wolves by Lin Jiadong

Cangtian BaoZhao's Dangkou Fengyun

Best Supporting Actress:

29 + 1 by Zheng Xinyi

Love and blind date by Wu Yanshu

Shao Yinyin's saving the dead Taoist

Baopei is like blue sky and white clouds

Best new actor:

Deng Yueping's "little man week 3: my family is happy"

Ou Kaichun's saving Zhiming in spring

Killing wolves - greedy wolves by Chen Hanna

Ling Wenlong's Golden Flower

Blue sky and white clouds by Liang Yongting

Best photography:

When is the moon

Karate by Tan Yunjia

Li pingbin's love and love

Chasing the Dragon by Guan Zhiyao

Xie Zhongdao's killing wolves - greedy wolves

Best splicing:

In the name of youth by Zhang Shuping and ye wanting

Bomb disposal expert by Zhong Weizhao

When is the bright moon

Chasing the Dragon by Li Jiarong

The Yellow Sea: killing wolves - greedy wolves

Best art guide:

Chizuka Jiaren, Liao Huili and Guo Zhongshan: a journey to the west to subdue demons

Wen nianzhong and Li Guolin, when is the bright moon

Karate by Zhang mosquito

Wukong biography by Lin ziqiao

Chasing the Dragon by Zhang Yinghua

Best costume design:

Yu jia'an and Li Bijun: a journey to the west to subdue demons

Wen nianzhong, Chen Baoxin, when is the moon

Wukong biography by Yu Jiaan and Li Bijun

Chasing the Dragon by Xi Zhongwen, Yu Jiaan and Guo Shumin

Like you by Wu Lilu

Best action design:

Crazy beast by Li Zhongzhi

Yuan Xiangren and Yuan Xinyi's Qimen dunjia

Legend of Wukong by Gu Xuanzhao

Yu Kang, Yuan Bin and Yan Hua: chasing the Dragon

Hong Jinbao's killing wolves - greedy wolves

Best Original Movie Music:

29 + 1 by Huang Allen and Weng Weiying

Great musician by Jin Peida. Music for love

When is the bright moon

Karate by Li Duanxian

Huang Yunling's love and love

Best original movie song:

FakeA Smile 《For Hector》《29+1》

Composer: Li Shiyi

Fill in the words: Li Shiyi

Lead singer: Li Shiyi

I haven't heard the song "grand musician". Music for love

Composition: Jin Peida

Filled in by: Chen Shaoqi

Lead singer: Zheng Zhongji

Flowers on the road love each other

Composer: Huang Yunling

Filler: Lin junfan

Lead singer: Tan Weiwei

To stay together for a long time

Composer: TONICK

Fill in words: Liang Baijian, Jiang ningle

Lead singer: TONICK

I like your inner activity "like you"

Composer: Chen Guangrong

Filler: Han Han

Lead singer: Chen Qizhen

Best sound effect:

Zeng Jingxiang and Yao junxuan: a journey to the west to subdue demons

"Bomb dismantling expert" by Nie Jirong and ye Zhaoji

When is the bright moon

Biography of Wukong by Hao gang and Wang Chong

Killing wolves - greedy wolves by Zeng Jingxiang and Li Yaoqiang

Best visual effect:

Pu Yingxiu and Jin Xu: a journey to the west to subdue demons

Zhang Chenghao, park Yingxiu and sun wuheng's Qimen dunjia

Bomb disposal expert by Yu Guoliang, Xu Debiao, Lin Junyu and he Jiaquan

Huang Hongda and Xie Yiwen: building the army

Biography of Wukong by Huang Zhiheng and Xu Jian

Best Cross Strait Chinese Film:


Wolf 2

Blood Avalokitesvara

Breaking through the wind and waves

The Great Buddha Plath