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How to get professional happiness when can we get universal happiness on the eve of Spring Festival

The annual collection of five blessings is coming again. Many people are involved in it. There are still difficulties in collecting the dedicated blessings, but there are skills in collecting the blessings. You must need the following tips for collecting the five blessings.

How did Alipay get dedication in 2018?

In February 5th, Alipay officially announced that it will continue to organize the five welfare activities this year, starting from the next day until thirty new year's Eve. Kuan Hua, the head of Alipay set five Fu, will run this activity for third years in a row. 'friends and friends who have gone home for a long time in the new year have become a close topic. This is the reason for us to continue to do this year by year. We hope to integrate five blessings into a new year's custom in the Internet era. 'in fact, we all know that the number of red envelopes is not large. After all, there are so many people in the country. No one can divide them and there are not many. It's mainly to get lucky and celebrate!

How did Alipay get Wan Nengfu in 2018?

Alipay's Diamond members will receive 3 exclusive 'universal cards', which is the same as last year.

Kuan Hua, Alipay's product manager, said that the Chinese new year hopes that you can interact more with people, rather than just interacting with mobile phones. Therefore, this year's AR technology has also been upgraded, allowing family and friends to compare 'five Fu to' gestures in front of the camera lens of the mobile phone, to obtain the fuka to enhance interaction, which also means that the technology and application of Ar are becoming more and more mature.

In addition, Alipay also launched the latest 'one word thousand gold' red envelopes activities, users can choose happiness words, such as' happy ',' love ',' Huan 'and other beautiful characters, the system will randomly generate the amount of red envelopes. Probably similar to last year's red envelope photo viewing mode, it is a new red envelope interaction.

It was not hard for Alipay to get a good job in 2018.

2018 Alipay set up five happy activities in February 6th to open again, Alipay has prepared 500 million bonus, oh, Ji Qi Wu Fu's friends can divide up the 5 hundred million, but look back on the past two years of Ji Fu activities, 2016's set Fu, dedication and happiness is hard to find, the last few people gathered together, but a lot of money, but in 2017 Alipay changed strategy, dedication is no longer scarce. At that time, there were too many people who gathered the five blessings. As a result, only a few yuan was allotted to them. However, this activity was just for fun. How much money was allotted was of secondary importance.

At the beginning of each gathering of five blessings, the big guy will find that the number of netizens who gathered five blessings in just a few hours has exploded, but only three of them have been swept for a long time, which makes many people wonder, isn't there any felicity in gathering five blessings? How can these people quickly gather five blessings?

In fact, although it is stipulated that only two blessings can be obtained in one day, they can be exchanged or presented with friends. In this way, their extra blessings can be given to others, and others can give you blessings you don't have, so that many people can quickly gather the five blessings at the beginning.