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How many times can Alipay sweep five days a day? How to sweep the happiness of dedication?

Alipay's activity has started again, so how many cards can be collected a day?

What can we do if we can't sweep out the five blessings in 2018

1. Open the AR of "scan" and aim at any word of "Fu" to get the card. The handwritten blessing is also counted!

First step of collecting fuka

2. Open the "ant forest", or water your friends, "Duang", and get the fuka.

Second step of collecting fuka

In addition to the basic two ways of collecting Fu, Alipay has also provided two kinds of functions.

1. 'all blessings'. No matter what kind of blessing you lack, as long as you have universal blessing, you can get any kind of blessing card.

2. A 'go lucky card'. With this card, you can draw a lucky card from your friends. Of course, this "hand in hand" will remain in the hands of friends and continue to "pit" others. I have already imagined the last second of gathering blessings on New Year's Eve, when a group of people held the "go lucky card" in their hands and left sad tears.

At 22:00 on New Year's Eve, five blessings were collected. At 22:18, there were red packets. As for the amount of red packets, Alipay said that this year is random, the best luck 666 yuan, the worst luck of 1-2 yuan, to see if you are not lucky.

When does Alipay Ji Fu start the lottery?

The basic information of this year's five blessings red envelope activity is as follows:

1. Since January 18th, Alipay has swept the'AR'of the city to scan the word "Fu" anywhere in life, or to participate in the ant forest.

2. At 22:18 on New Year's Eve, we will give each of our friends a red envelope in cash, one or two yuan lower, with a maximum of 666 yuan.

3, in order to increase interest, this year has also added the omnipotent blessing and the "easy to handle card", which can replace any fukas, including the dedication, which can be randomly selected from a friend of Alipay.

4. We will not deliberately create a sense of scarcity for any card, including dedicated happiness.

Although the way has been simplified, the interest has been improved, and the threshold has been lowered, we don't have to work hard to add friends to exchange for fuka to make ourselves tired, but this year's activities may have some imperfections, which may still be scolded.

But we still hope that we can make everyone enjoy it as much as possible.

After the new year's Eve cash bonus, we will still send five blessings to those who don't have all the blessings. I hope everyone will have a good luck in the new year.

The year of the rooster, I still want to be the best in the world with you.

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How to obtain professional happiness and wannengfu

Alipay AR real red packets how to grab?

Ar reality red packet is based on "lbs + Ar + Red Packet". When users send and rob red packets, they need to meet two conditions: geographical location and AR reality scanning. Compared with the existing form of red envelopes, it is much more interactive and interesting.

Before, Alipay launched a password red envelope, users can enter the password to grab the corresponding red envelope. The password can be understood as the clue of red packet. The rules of red packet in AR reality are similar. The difference is that the clue to receive the red envelope of AR real scene is "clue picture + positioning".

Specifically, users can click on 'red packets' on Alipay, select'AR real red envelopes', and then choose' red envelopes'. After setting up location information, clue map and receiving people, users will generate AR real red envelopes. After that, send clues to friends through Alipay, WeChat, QQ and other social platforms, and invite them to collect them.

There are two conditions for the red envelope: 1, go to the 500 meters range of the red envelopes; 2, find the objects in the clues, and open the Alipay to sweep. In addition to getting direct clues from relatives and friends, users can also see red packets issued by other users and businesses on the red packet map. If the recipient of the red packet is "anyone", users can search for and receive the red packet according to the clue map and geographical location prompts.