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How to use bike sharing? Steps for sharing bicycle

Method / step


Download a software

Download the app corresponding to the bicycle project lock in your city!



Common bike sharing requires a deposit! So don't think you can use it after downloading the app. You have to pay a deposit before you can use it!



Don't think you can ride after you pay the deposit. You have to recharge it, because 'shared bike' is a charge, not a free one, and you will have a charge when you ride.



Scan QR code or Bluetooth link to unlock or manually unlock! Then you can start riding!


Return car

Some shared bikes need to be returned to designated areas, some can be parked at will, so you need to pay attention to whether they exceed the limit whether you are riding or returning the bike! Otherwise, your fees may be deducted once you are not careful! After returning the bike, the app will charge according to the distance or time of your riding, generally or very cheap, about one yuan!