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High speed parking, new year's meeting, alternative annual meeting, high-speed money making

It's a common sense for many people that you can't park at will on the highway, but there are also people who knowingly make mistakes. Near the Spring Festival, many companies hold annual meetings to reward employees. On February 2, a boss of an enterprise held an annual meeting of "wonderful flowers" -- to save money, he called the employees on the highway to pay, and was punished for breaking the law.

At about 15:50 on February 2, when the police of the fourth brigade of the eighth detachment directly under the provincial highway traffic police were patrolling 329 km away from Ruigan section of Xiamen Chengdu expressway, they found a light truck parked in the emergency lane of the expressway, without setting up a triangle warning sign and turning on the hazard warning lights.

the police thought the car was in trouble. They went to ask for details and found that the people in the car were counting money. It was not like a faulty car. After inquiring the police, they learned that a man in the car was the boss of a maintenance team. Because of the convenience of the plan, he summoned the staff to collect the wages on the highway during the delivery. Several hundred meters ahead, police found a woman waiting for the annual meeting outside the guardrail of the emergency lane.

Huang Rong, a policeman, immediately asked Zhong to move the annual meeting to Huichang service area, and explained the serious harm of parking at will on the highway to him at the traffic police law enforcement post. Zhong was fined 200 yuan and his driver's license recorded 3 points.