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How about bus drivers refusing to take many migrant workers? Too much luggage is discriminated again

By the end of this year, many migrant workers have begun to go home. They have to give a lot of gifts to their relatives and parents. But recently, there are news that buses refuse to carry luggage. What is the matter? On February 3, some netizens reported that the bus driver of Xi'an No. 1 500 bus refused to take many migrant workers because of the large number of people, so what was the course of the matter at that time?

On February 4, the reporter came to see Lin Mou, the bus driver of the fourth brigade of Xi'an No.5 bus company. He told the reporter that it was more than 3:00 p.m. at that time. After he drove the bus into the East duling Road station, he saw several passengers with heavy luggage at the bus station. It can be seen from the pictures of monitoring and shooting on the bus that when the bus stops stably and the passengers with large luggage are ready to get on, Lin Yong reaches out his right hand and swings and closes the door, then opens the door to let other passengers without luggage get on the bus.

Lin Mou, driver of Xi'an No.500 bus, explained: 'when the door opened, there was a passenger with a large bag who wanted to get on. I waved his hand to ask him to wait for a while, let other passengers get on first, and then give him more space after getting on, let them put their luggage. Finally, when other passengers came up, I waited there for a while. I saw that he didn't mean to get on the bus, so I left. "In less than 10 minutes, the second No. 500 bus entered the station, and the passengers with heavy luggage got on the bus one after another.

Dai Shengxi, Secretary of the fourth team branch of Xi'an public transport No.5 company: 'the complaints on the Internet are basically true through the conversation between the video and the driver. At present, we need to stop the work of the driver and write out the personal inspection. At the same time, we need to conduct the percentage system according to the company's assessment. In the next step, we will immediately hold a staff meeting to train all the drivers again Training and education, to avoid the recurrence of such things. '

Lin Mou, bus driver of Xi'an No.500 bus: 'through this incident, the team criticized and educated me, and I deeply realized my mistakes. In the future work, I will restrain myself according to the company's rules and regulations, serve every passenger well, and be a qualified bus driver. '