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What should be paid attention to for food health in summer

Summer is the most easy season to eat bad belly, what kind of food we must pay attention to, which food can not be put into the refrigerator? Follow Xiaobian to have a look~

1. tomatoes

After cold storage, the texture and taste of tomatoes will change. If the temperature is too low, the meat of tomato will be soft and rotten like blisters, or there will be scattered cracks and black spots, the taste will be gone, and it will be rotted after a long time. This summer's health tips, we must remember, because tomatoes are often eaten.

2. red wine

The storage temperature of red wine should be about 12-deg; constant temperature, avoiding the change of heat and cold, while the working principle of refrigerator is intermittent, and the repeated temperature change will greatly damage the quality of red wine.

3. potatoes

If potatoes are stored in cold storage, they will make them harder and taste worse. Cold potatoes will have the taste of sand, no matter how they are made, they are not delicious.

4. onion

Onions are easy to lose water when they are refrigerated for too long, which leads to mildew and sliminess. In addition, onions can invade other foods in the refrigerator.

5. coffee

Neither coffee powder nor coffee beans can be put into the refrigerator. The reason is that refrigerated coffee is easy to absorb the smell of other foods in the refrigerator. In addition, a sudden drop in temperature will cause the coffee to dehydrate and its fragrance will be greatly reduced.

6. garlic

The lower temperature in the freezer is more likely to cause germination, deterioration or mildew of garlic, and the texture will become soft as rubber.

7. honey

If we put honey in the refrigerator for refrigeration, it will make the sugar in the honey crystallize faster, the honey will become thicker, and even can't be made out.

8. chili sauce

Most chili sauces can be stored in the pantry for three years.

9. bread

After cold storage, bread is easy to dry, harden and drop dregs. Its nutrition and taste are not as good as normal temperature.