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When will the national line for postgraduate entrance examination come out in 2018? Will the nationa

The results of 2018 postgraduate entrance examination have almost come out, so when will the national line of postgraduate entrance examination come out? For examinees, this is the time when they are most anxious. When their scores come out, they should treat their scores or rankings correctly, face the future with a positive attitude, and prepare for the second round examination when they are online.

online: actively prepare for the second round exam and treat with common mind

After the score comes out, treat your own score or ranking correctly, face the future with a positive attitude, and prepare for the retest actively when it is possible to go online. No matter the result of the first test is good or not, being able to take the second test line shows that you are the strong one. Some students think that their scores in the preliminary examination are good, and they can breathe a sigh of relief. This is a wrong idea. Many students who have got high scores in the preliminary examination are also eliminated in the second round examination. Before the end of the second round examination, everything is possible. Therefore, students who do well in the preliminary examination should keep a clear mind and be alert to the "black horse" in the second round examination; students who do not do well in the preliminary examination should use this time to review their professional knowledge again and mend it later.

The first test results are not good, but seriously prepare for the second test, the same can achieve good ranking. In fact, it's not particularly important how the first test results are. What we are facing is the challenge of the second test. How to seize this opportunity to turn the tide depends on whether we are fully prepared and in a peaceful and stable state of mind.

If you do well in the first test, you can relax your preparation for the second test, which is often difficult to play well. Even if you think the first test is better, you should not be complacent, because the first test only decides part of the fate, and part of it depends on your second test. After the preliminary examination, the results will be in the hands of the reviewers. All we can do is to start a new round of preparation for the second round of examination. No matter whether the knowledge you prepared is used in the second round exam or not, knowledge will always be your wealth. No one can rob it. Even if it is not used in the second round exam, it may be used later.

Don't be afraid of failure. Don't swing

One of the biggest reasons why many students can vacillate between coordination and work is fear of failure. Some students worry that if they spend a lot of time preparing for the adjustment, they will miss the best opportunity to find a job if they fail to make the final adjustment. Some students are prepared to adjust their food and see their classmates go to work. In the usual incoming calls from students, many students will ask if they can guarantee the 100% success of the adjustment. I will tell him honestly that there is no guarantee. There are many factors that affect the success of the adjustment, including the speed of information, the strength of candidates and the intention of the adjustment institutions. At present, the coordination competition is very fierce, often dozens of examinees strive for a place, which is impossible to be 100% successful. It can be said that there is no one thing in the world that can guarantee success 100%. What we can do is to strive for the most possible success. If "fear the tiger before and fear the wolf after", there will be nothing in the end, neither coordination success nor missed a good opportunity to find a job. At present, the most important thing for the students is to quickly step out of the bull's corner, determine a direction and act quickly, no matter whether they choose to adjust or work.

'a thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets'. Whether you choose to adjust or work, there is no right or wrong distinction. The key is to see what does not fit your own situation. Before making a decision, first of all, consider the possible consequences. If I choose to adjust, can I accept the failure? If I fail to adjust, my previous review will be wasted, and the time to find a job near graduation will be shorter. Can I accept these, can I immediately come out of the shadow of failure and start a new life? If I choose to find a job, what kind of salary do I hope to find a job, and will I regret to let it go if the job fails to meet the requirements Abandonment? Although not necessarily fail, candidates must be prepared before making a decision, or even think about how to deal with failure. These are all things that students must consider before making a decision. Secondly, how about the employment situation of your undergraduate major? There are hot majors and cold majors. The hot majors have a better employment situation, high pay, and the cold majors are difficult to get employment and poor pay. If you study a popular major with strong practicability, you can consider to find a job first, otherwise you can consider to adjust. Third, what is your personality and pursuit? Some students prefer academic research and have higher requirements for work, so you can choose to transfer to higher education. If you want to go to the society for several years before you go back to postgraduate entrance examination, you can choose to find a job first.

Remind students that whether to work or adjust must be decided after careful consideration. Recklessness will only make things worse.

If the adjustment fails, we will lose a chance to go to graduate school, but that doesn't mean we have nothing. All kinds of difficulties in adjusting have exercised our body and mind, making us more confident and powerful. The course of adjustment gives us a chance to grow up, the last experience of growth before leaving the campus.

Pay attention to 6 types of score lines

I. self marking of 34 Institute

The earliest announcement is the self marking of 34 self marking colleges and universities, generally around the middle of March. The score lines of independent schools will be higher than the national line, and basically higher than the national line. It is also not ruled out that some schools and individual majors will be lower than the national line. The school determines the score line according to the situation of the candidates and the number of planned students.

List of 34 independent colleges and Universities

Therefore, the partners of the 34 self marking colleges and universities can know in advance whether they can enter the retest, and those who do not enter the retest can also prepare for adjustment as soon as possible.

II. National line

By the end of March, the national line should be announced.

The national line is the basic score line for the candidates to enter the second round examination. The national line includes the requirements for the total score of the subjects to be tested and the single subject score, and the single subject includes two kinds of professional courses and public courses. Passing the national line means not only that the total score has passed the national line, but also that every single subject has to pass the national line.

Whether it is directly into the retest or reallocation, if you want to be eligible to participate in the retest, you must pass the national line. After the announcement of the national line, young partners can make corresponding preparations according to the gap between their scores and the national line. As long as the high score passing small partners are ready for the retest, the low score passing small partners must be re tested and adjusted. The small partners who fail to pass the national line, whether they have not passed the line in total score or single subject, must start to find work or be ready to fight again in the next year.

III. zone I and zone II line

The national line is based on different regions, and the standard of fractional line is different, that is, the first zone line and the second zone line.

How to divide the first area and the second area? What is the impact?

IV. engineering line and other discipline lines

The national line is divided according to each discipline category, and forms the score line of each discipline category. According to the popularity and difficulty of the subject, the score line varies.

13 disciplines of University

It should be noted that the general principle of reallocation is to reallocate among the same specialty, that is, the specialty of engineering can only be reallocated within the specialty of engineering, and only the similar specialty can be reallocated, and the span of reallocation cannot be too large. Generally, they are transferred between the same major, or different schools and the same major. After the announcement of the national line, the small partners who decide to adjust should contact the colleges and universities that want to adjust as soon as possible to find out whether the colleges and universities accept candidates of their own specialties.

Five, cinema

After talking about the national line, let's introduce the college line.

Based on the national line, the college line is the second examination qualification line determined by the recruitment units according to the surplus and shortage of the relevant professional students of the University, and the national line is directly adopted by the general schools. Therefore, the college line is the real retest line. So what's the difference between the national line and the college line?

In short, the national line is the admission qualification line, and the academy line is the re examination qualification line. That is to say, the Academy decides whether to enter the second round exam, and the national line decides whether to go to graduate school. Therefore, we have passed the national line and well prepared for the second round examination of the hospital line. We have passed the national line but not through the coordination of the hospital line. We have not passed the second world war or found jobs.

Vi. professional admission line

Finally some small partners may want to ask: which line is the admission score line of my major?

In fact, the professional admission line is another line. Because every major has hot and unpopular points, the admission of each major will naturally form the highest and lowest admission scores. Generally, the lowest admission score of a major is called the professional admission score line. Professional line is the lowest score of the major.

After the hospital line, the small partners who have been able to enter the second round examination can refer to the professional admission line of previous years to measure whether they are big or small. There is still a certain gap between the professional admission line and the small partners must pay attention to the re examination adjustment, so that there are not many colleges and universities that can be selected to prevent the re examination from being brushed and ready for adjustment.