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How to deal with the bad cooking habits

In daily life, is your cooking habit right? Will it affect your health because of this habit? Take a look at the following health problems and improve these habits together!

Bad habit 1: do not brush the pot and then fry

This is the first bad habit proposed by the circle of friends, and it is also one of the general living habits of most lazy people. Just fried eggs, there are some oil in the pot, it's OK, then add some oil and fry other dishes, so it saves money and oil, kill two birds with one stone. Just fried vegetables, there is no oil, and the pot is clean, so continue to use it. However, Xia Pengbin, a nutritionist in the Clinical Nutrition Department of Zhongda Hospital, points out that the seemingly clean surface of the pot will be attached with oil and food residues. When it is heated again at high temperature, it may produce carcinogens such as benzopyrene. And when you don't brush the pot and then stir fry, you will find that the leftover dishes in the pot are easy to burn, which also has a certain risk of cancer Therefore, it is recommended that you do not give up the step of cleaning the pot. For the sake of health and good selling appearance of the dishes, it is better to wash them!

Bad habit 2: turn off the range hood immediately after cooking

The dish will be out of the pot soon. Turn off the fire, turn off the smoking machine, and serve the dishes. A series of actions are completed in one go, and one dish is finished. However, it is this casual habit that hides "killing opportunities". Xia Pengbin nutritionist said that some people like to turn off the lampblack machine immediately after cooking, which is as natural as the habit of turning off the light at will, but it is not conducive to health. If the fire is particularly large and the vegetables are burnt, it will cause the release of harmful substances, especially the respiratory system, which may lead to lung cancer.

Xia further explained that there will be a large number of harmful substances in the process of cooking, especially high-temperature lampblack, which plays a very important role in eliminating exhaust gas. In fact, it takes time for the lampblack machine to exhaust the exhaust gas. When the cooking is over, there is still exhaust gas left in the kitchen. After frying, you may as well let the range hood continue to operate for 3-5 minutes to ensure that the harmful gas is completely discharged. In addition, when cooking, try to close the kitchen door and open the window for ventilation, so as to reduce the residues of harmful substances in the kitchen to a certain extent.

Bad habit 3: cooking only when the oil is smoking

How do you think the oil is hot? Many people will reply that it's OK to see the oil pan smoke. But is it healthy to do so? Xia pointed out that when the oil pan is smoking, the oil temperature often has reached more than 200 ℃, when the dish is put into the pot, the carcinogens produced will increase the risk of cancer. In this condition, many nutrients in vegetables are also destroyed. In addition, under this temperature, not only the fat soluble vitamins contained in oil are destroyed, but also the essential fatty acids in human body are oxidized, which reduces the nutritional value of oil. Nutritionists suggest that in the cooking process, it's better to hot pot cold oil. Trans fatty acids produced by oil at high temperature are harmful to human body.

Bad habit 4: the remaining fried oil is still used for cooking

Many people do not want to throw the fried oil, but also use it to fry or fry at high temperature. In fact, this method is very undesirable. Xia Pengbin believes that the oil used many times will contain residual carcinogens, mainly benzopyrene, some aldehydes, heterocyclic compounds, etc. It's better to use food oil only once, 2-3 times at most when the oil temperature is well controlled. From this point of view, the fried string and stinky tofu on the street are inedible!

In the selection of edible oil, Xia said that from the source of edible oil, there are mainly animal and plant nature. Animal oil should be used as little as possible in daily life, and vegetable oil should be selected on the basis of total amount control. In the absence of sufficient evidence to prove that transgenic food is harmless, non transgenic vegetable oil is recommended. In terms of processing technology, the oil produced by physical pressing method is preferred, and the oil produced by chemical leaching method is less. Because it contains some harmful chemicals left in the process of chemical processing, although it is within the safe range, it is better to consume less.

In addition, the nutritionist also reminds us to control the oil temperature when frying fish, which is easy to paste. It's better to put the oil when the pot is hot, and then put the fish, so it's not easy to paste the pot. Never put the oil when the pot is smoking.