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Nails can tell your health. Check your condition

It's said that you can see how your body condition is from your viscera. In fact, the fingernails on your fingers can also be seen. Follow Xiaobian to learn about the health of fingernails

Looking at physique from the area of a half month

The crescent shaped white area 1 / 5 below the nail is called the nail half moon, commonly known as' half moon mark 'and' little sun '. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, claws are not only tendons, but also liver and gall. A half moon is the boundary line between yin and yang meridians of human body, and it is the representative of essence and Qi, also known as "health circle". A half month is not the more the better. Healthy people have a half month except their little fingers.

If the area of semilunar scar is less than 1 / 5 of nail, it means lack of energy and poor gastrointestinal absorption; if the area is more than 1 / 5, it means cardiac hypertrophy, prone to cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, hypertension, stroke and other diseases. If the semilunar scar suddenly darkens, shrinks and disappears, it often indicates that the patient has consumptive diseases, such as tumor, bleeding, etc.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the characteristics of a half moon can reflect the cold and hot attributes of human body. If the armour is less than half a month and the glossiness is poor, it means that it is a cold constitution. It often has chills, poor spirit, dyspepsia, pale complexion and so on. You can eat more mutton, ginger, coriander and other foods, or take Huoxue Tongmai Decoction, Jinkui Shenqi Pill and other prescriptions under the guidance of the doctor to warm the meridians and disperse the cold, activate the blood and dredge the pulse.

There are also people who have nails for half a month in their fingers, which means that the body is full of Yang Qi, which is a hot constitution. People with heat constitution are easy to get angry, fidgety, dry mouth, constipation and other discomfort. They can eat more bitter melon, celery or take cold blood four things soup and other agents. There are also some people whose armour is unclear for half a month. Such people are prone to emotional restlessness, abdominal distension and fullness. Most of them are cold and hot or yin-yang imbalance. They can take Xiaochaihu Decoction and Erxian Decoction under the guidance of doctors.

Although the 'health circle' can reflect the circulation and nutritional status to a certain extent, the growth of a half month is restricted by many factors and cannot be generalized.

Looking at Qi and blood from nail color

Healthy people's nails are generally pink, with a certain amount of luster and even. Traditional Chinese medicine also has the theory of "blood deficiency". Many people regard the white nail as a sign of anemia, but analyze the symptoms. If the nail is purple, it is the precursor of arteriosclerosis, high blood lipid, or heart stagnation; if the nail is blue, it is severe cold and blood stasis; if the nail is yellow, there may be problems with liver and gallbladder, or the metabolism of blood sugar is not smooth; there is also a blue nail, which shows that the lung is blocked.

Looking at lesions from the shape of nails

If the nail surface is not smooth enough, there are vertical lines, indicating that the recent overwork, lack of sleep. If the vertical lines always exist, it may be the trend of chronic diseases in the organs in the body. It is necessary to pay attention to the combination of work and rest. If the striation is not a vertical striation, but a horizontal striation, indicating that Qi and blood are insufficient, and the internal organs may have pathological changes, you need to go to the hospital for examination. Generally, the transverse pattern is only at the bottom of the nail, but it will gradually move upward as the nail grows.

Many people will also have white spots on their fingernails, usually due to calcium deficiency, silicon deficiency or parasitic diseases. If there are more white spots, it may be a sign of neurasthenia. If there are yellow spots on their fingernails, pay attention to whether they suffer from digestive system diseases. If the nail does not heal for a long time, it may be lack of vitamins or trace elements.

What nail changes may indicate serious illness?

Changes in nails may indicate lesions in other parts of the body and are often a precursor to other diseases.

1. Blackening of fingernails and broken spots under fingernails indicate myocarditis (severe heart infection), other heart diseases and bleeding diseases caused by infection.

2. Fragile nails indicate possible iron deficiency, thyroid problems, renal impairment and blood circulation problems.

3. The nail is brittle, soft and easy to wear, lacking nutrition, which may indicate hyperthyroidism.

4. Black nails and / or thin, flat, spoon shaped nails are symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency or anemia. (nails can also turn black or gray if hands are exposed to detergents, allergies)

5. The nail is dark blue, showing blocked lungs, such as asthma or emphysema.

6. Nail tip invagination indicates abnormal problems of heart, liver or respiratory system.

7. In addition to local fungal infection, green nail thirst shows bacterial infection in the body.

8. The nail is half white, and the fingertip is black, indicating kidney disease.

9. The appearance of isolated green stripes on the nail bed, especially the white skin color, is a standard of skin cancer.

10. Beaded nails (uneven surface) are a sign of rheumatoid arthritis.

11. Fingernails extending to fingertips and bending down are signs of lung injury, such as emphysema and asbestosis.

12. It is easy to break, crack and peel, indicating malnutrition and lack of hydrochloric acid and protein. At this time, minerals are also extremely scarce.

13. The base of the nail is raised and the white part is very small, which means there are respiratory diseases, such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis. This kind of symptom has the possibility of heredity.

14. The separation of nail and nail bed suggests thyroid disease or localized infection.

15. A brass instrument with fingernails like being knocked flat indicates the tendency of partial or total hair loss.

16. Red brown pockmarks and fingertips are worn and bifurcated, which means psoriasis; VC, folic acid and protein need to be supplemented.

17. Redness of the skin around the nail bed means indigestion of essential fatty acids or connective diseases, such as lupus.

18. There are vertical or horizontal ridges on the nail. Erectile spine means poor health, malnutrition, and / or iron deficiency, kidney disease. The horizontal ridge is caused by excessive mental or physical stress. Crisscross ridges of the nail process indicate a tendency to form arthritis.

19. Thick nail indicates poor circulatory function, poor blood circulation and thyroid disease.

20. Thinning of nails may be a sign of lichen planus.

21. Two fixed white stripes mean hypoproteinemia.

22. The formula of nail width suggests endocrine abnormality.

23. The white line indicates that there may be heart disease, high fever and arsenic poisoning.

24. Horizontal white stripes on nails indicate possible liver disease.

25. If the white half moon area of the finger root turns red, it indicates a heart problem; if it turns gray, it indicates heavy metal poisoning or lung disease.

26. White nail means liver or kidney disease and / or anemia.

27. The white nail with pink near the fingertip is a sign of cirrhosis.

28. Yellow nails appear before other symptoms, which may mean some internal diseases, such as lymphatics, respiratory diseases, diabetes and liver diseases.