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What can't you do after pregnancy? What should be paid attention to after pregnancy?

With the increase of pregnancy month, the baby grows up gradually, the belly of the mother to be grows up rapidly, and the behavior is also limited. Although doing some housework can be used as exercise, some housework is not suitable for the mother to be.

1. Avoid lifting heavy objects

Do not carry heavy objects after pregnancy, because it requires abdominal force to carry things. If you are not careful, it may cause uterine contraction, especially in the late pregnancy, which is quite dangerous. In addition, during pregnancy, the weight of the mother to be will move forward to increase the back tension.

2. Chemical products

Chemical products, such as kitchen cleaners. At this point, pregnant women can choose natural products, such as vinegar and baking soda as cleaning agent. If you have to use chemicals, be moderate. Wear gloves and masks and make sure the room is well ventilated.

3. Animal manure

Cat feces contain a parasite that can infect toxoplasmosis. Although the infection won't bother you for long, it's fatal for your baby's growth.

4. Avoid climbing

It's not wise to climb ladders or stools during pregnancy. If you have a big stomach, your body will be unstable. If you climb high again, you may lose your sense of balance and fall down easily.

5. Avoid bending

Whether it's sleeping, sweeping the floor, cleaning the garbage, wiping the floor or washing clothes, you should reduce the times of bending, because bending will affect your back.

6. Avoid standing for a long time

Standing for a long time may increase the extra pressure and cause swelling of legs and feet.